You have a smart phone but are you really using it in the ‘smart’ way? Are you utilizing the features which you have got by spending a big sum of money on your phone? Is it really working as a ‘smart phone’ in your life?

When the era of mobile phones began, no one could imagined that this small gadget would provide us with so many features and benefits.  And now, in 2014, the people who don’t utilize the enormous features of these gadgets are considered to be ‘the dumb people’.

must have apps

I have seen girls who own an iPhone but don’t even know how to sync it with iTunes and transfer files to it. I have seen guys having an android or iOS but having no useful app in their phone except the usual Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

I agree. When you have millions of choices in front of you, it becomes really difficult to choose one out of them. That’s why I have come up with my list of 5 apps which one must have in his/her smart phone. 

Must Have Apps 1: Evernote

I don’t even remember since when I have been using this app to manage my to-do lists, account information and anything that I don’t want to forget.  It’s an easy and free app that helps you to organize your life. Even if you are not a ‘working’ kind of person, this app is going to help you a lot. You can easily sync it to all your devices and access the same documents from any of your device.

Download Link: (they’re not sponsored)

must have apps evernote

Must Have Apps 2: BookMyShow

Every one of us likes to watch movies and BookMyShow makes it easier to find out which movies are running in cinemas at present time, to check movie timings and to book tickets. Though many people prefer the PVR app but this app enlists all the movie theaters instead of just the PVR Cinemas and that’s why it’s better and a must have apps on your smart phone.

Download Link:

Must Have Apps 3: Flipkart

A few days ago, a friend of mine asked me from where do I buy books and Flipkart was the obvious answer but her response astonished me for she thought books are costlier online. While I feel sorry for such ignorant people, I want you to know that you can’t get books at a cheaper rate than online. Moreover, the free home cum cash-on delivery options is a bliss to book lovers. And Flipkart is not just for shopping for books.You can buy other gadgets, clothes, lifestyle stuff and much more.

I recently bought First Things First – a book related to time management and Shilpa Shetty Yoga Video from Flipkart. What’re you buying?

Download Link:

Must Have Apps 4: LibriVox

Many people who have been impressed by my writing style and my fluency in English have asked me for tips to improve their language skills. While I will share all my tips very soon on this blog, here I would tell you that I put a great emphasis on reading and listening to English. This app provides you with free audio books. You can get classics like Shakespeare, Robert Louis Stevenson, Mark Twain etc and that too for free. At the same time, you can improve your English. I love this app. Do you?

Download Link:

Must Have Apps 5: Saavn

Time Management, movies, books, self improvement, what else we need in our phone?  Music. Though I am not very fond of music, but I do like to listen to some new songs once in a while and I used to find myself too lazy to go and download each song from sites filled with ads (I hate them). Moreover, I needed one step solution – a place where I can find English, Hindi and Punjabi Songs. For all my music needs, Saavn is the solution.It’s the best music related app I have come across.

Download Link:

must have apps saavn 

This is what I need in my phone. Of course, there are few more apps I use but these are the ones I can’t live without. Have you used any of these apps? Do you like them? Would you consider downloading any of these apps after reading this article?

I took 1 hour to write this post and it would take just 1 minute to share this post. Can you do that?

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  1. Hi Manpreet,
    AS i have brought new Smart phone but was unaware of some of this Apps.But after reading this article i have just installed all this apps on my phone which really help me a lot to simply my work. Really thanks for sharing this.
    Have great day.

    • Hello Girish, Thank you. These apps really work for people who are into blogging and similar stuff. Evernote is a must for you.

  2. Great list of apps!

    Evernote is my favorite productivity app.
    I’m using three of them and will try rest of the two.

    Thanks for this list!


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