West Delhi has been looked down by foodies since a long time. There weren’t many restaurants that boasted of new concepts, delicious food, and good experience. The times are changing now. A proof of this is a new restaurant in Pacific Mall, Tagore Garden. Hinglish – cafe beach bar has just re-launched and I was there to try out their new menu.

I tried the best of their menu and hence can tell you about the best dishes or must have food at Hinglish – Cafe Beach Bar.

Must-Have Dishes at Hinglish – Cafe Beach Bar

  1. Toast Mushroom

Although I love non-veg food, I want to begin with a vegetarian dish that just blew away my mind. I couldn’t have imagined that anything with mushrooms can taste so good. The dish consists of a crunchy bread toast and a cheese filled layer of mushrooms. This layer is super amazing and would make you want to visit this place time and again.

toast mushroom at hinglish cafe beach bar

2. Chutney filled croquettes

The dish consists of fried croquettes made of potatoes and filled with mango chutney, cheese and jalapenos. I just couldn’t notice the jalapenos (good for me). The mango chutney filling, however, made me fall in love with this. Even though the dish was fried, it wasn’t that oily and heavy.

chutney filled croquettes

3. London Bridge Burger

Don’t order it if you plan to eat anything else at this place. It’s a huge double patty burger that is totally different than the usual burgers served in franchises. The burger buns were slightly crunchy. I assume they were fried and they tasted like heaven. They reminded me of the time when I used to enjoy a similar kind of burger buns before the ‘sane’ society took over and introduced those burgers that always leave a raw taste in your mouth. I am glad that I have a place that serves burgers the way I like. The patties inside are generous and will fill your tummy as well as appetite for good food. Loved it.

London bridge burger at hinglish - cafe beach bar

4. Keema Do Piazza Nazza

If you’re a pizza fan, you need to try this. It’s a special pizza with a very different base. The base for these pizzas is our very own Punjabi Naan. The combination was brilliant and a must try at Hinglish – Cafe Beach Bar.

nazzas at hinglish cafe beach bar

Other Dishes I tried at Hinglish – Cafe Beach Bar

Methi Thepla

I tried thepla for the first time at this place and I might not be able to tell you whether it had the right taste or not, but I totally loved it. The thepla is served cold with garlic chutney, hot chilli sauce and lots of raita. I really liked the dish and would want to try it again.

methi thepla at hinglish - cafe beach bar

Keema mutter egg toast

It’s also a great breakfast dish or you can have it anytime you want. Don’t take it as a very light breakfast. It’s heavy and delicious.

keema mutter egg toast

Overall, the place is a great choice for good food. It has some really subtle but delighting choices to offer and the must-have dishes are the ones you shouldn’t miss. Have you tried any other dish at Hinglish – Cafe Beach Bar? Let me know!


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