“Do you know that different versions of Android follow an alphabetical order in their nomenclature? Also, all the names of Android versions are named on some confectionary item.”

The usual girl gossips during the lectures in class sometimes turn out to be productive, especially when the topic under discussion is related to technology. This time the two member gossip gang was discussing about Android Versions.

android versions

Android, a Linux Kernel based operating system developed for use in high-tech mobile devices is now the most popular mobile phone operating system with a very large user base.  I am pretty sure that most of you who would be reading this post would have used an android based smart phone at least once.

Talking about me, my phone Google Nexus 5 is the third Android device that I have owned till now. Yes, I am very much in love with Android O.S. and that’s why I was a bit curious to know about Android Versions.

Android isn’t an old technology. The first few versions include Android Alpha, Android Beta and Android APIs. But since 2009, the Android Versions have been developed and named according to the confectionary theme. Let’s have a look at the Version History of Android Versions.

  1. Android API (1.0): This was the first commercially available version of Android and was released on September 28, 2008 and had features like Google Maps, Google Talk, Search, Sync, Contacts, Calendar, WiFi, Bluetooth etc.
  2. Android API (1.1): Released on February 9, 2009, this version was an update to the version 1.1 and fixed a lot of bugs and was known as ‘Petit Four’ (This name never become an official name though).
  3. Cupcake(1.5): Now begins the ‘sweet treat’ of Android. Apart from including several new features, this version also consisted of some user interface amendments and was released on April 30, 2009. Since the launch this version of Android, all the future versions have been named while following an alphabetical order and a ‘sweet’ nomenclature.
  4. Donut(1.6): Released in the same year i.e. September 15,2009, this version had an updated technology support for new cellular technologies and many new features.
  5. Éclair(2.0, 2.0.1, 2.1): while the former one consisted of new features, the next two Android Versions i.e. 2.0.1 and 2.1 just did some minor amendments and fixed some bugs.
  6. Froyo(2.2-2.2.3): Froyo is a short form of Frozen Yogurt and is also the name of the next Android Version that came into the market after Éclair.
  7. Gingbread(2.3- 2.3.7): the user interface of this version was simpler and faster than the previous ones. Many other features were added and bug fixes were done in this version.
  8. Honeycomb(3.0-3.2): Released on February 22, 2011, Android 3.0 was the first ever tablet only android update. The first tablet to use this version of Android was Motorola Xoom.
  9. Ice Cream Sandwich(4.0-4.0.4): This is the first Android version that I have used myself. Anyways, this version has been the last version that supported Adobe System’s flash players.
  10. Jelly Bean(4.1-4.3): the primary aim of releasing this version was to improve the  performance and the functionality of Android Operating Systems. Developing this version included a project aimed at improving the performance of the Android O.S.  With the name ‘Project Butter’. (LOL)
  11. KitKat(4.4): though many bloggers predicted that the name of this version would be ‘Key Lime Pie’, the actual was of course the name of my second favorite chocolate i.e. Kit-Kat. This is the latest version of Android and is actually better than the previous ones. While you won’t feel much difference between Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean, you would feel the change while using KitKat.
  12. Well, for now this is all I can tell you about the Android Versions. Of course, I missed a lot of things like what kind of features were added and diminished and what kind of bugs where fixed but my sole aim of writing this post was to enlist all the Android Versions here which I think is pretty much complete.

Android version

I actually find the naming style quite hilarious. What do you think about it? ‘Fun with Technology’?

Here’s a short quiz which I created for all those Android lovers. See if you can crack all the questions.

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  1. Hi Vinayak, Thanks for that cool tip. I really didn’t know about it and of course, I see ‘K’ which stands for Kit Kat. 🙂

  2. I really never noticed a,b,c,d type nomenclature of android versions. I read so many tech blogs and magazines but never found this information anywhere. Really a very informative article.

    • Thank You Raunak. Even I didn’t know about this kind of nomenclature before writing this article. A friend of mine told me a little bit about this so I did my research and came up with this post. I am glad that you found it informative. 🙂

  3. Hi Manpreet,

    An absolutely great piece of work about classification of Android Versions. So, what will be the next version for the letter ‘L’? Will it be Lollipop or Lozenges, or something else?

    • Hey Akash, thanks for stopping by my blog. Well, I think it would lollipop. That’s what many are predicting. But you never know 😛 All we can do is wait and watch 😛

  4. Well written..and informative.:)
    but i want to know what is Android One?
    My phone updated with latest Kitkat 4.4 but this Android One made me confuse.
    after 4.4 they should introduce 5 not 1 😀


    • Hello Iqbal, Android one is a smart phone while Android is a software. Obviously, after Kitkat (android 4.4) next would be 5 or 4.5.
      Android one is a completely different product. I hope you got my point 😀


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