Aren’t you amazed by your interest in the lives of the celebrities? No matter how much we deny this, we do feel the urge to find out what they’re saying or what they’re doing. Don’t we?

mrs funnybones by twinkle khanna
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Well, if you said no to those, you’re great but I had to say yes to those questions. Though I am not into watching movies, and T.V. shows that much but once in a while, I do feel like knowing what’s happening in the celebrity world.

This time when I felt that urge, I ended up buying this nonfiction book written by a star wife, who doesn’t want to call herself a star wife. The book is Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna

About the book

Mrs Funnybones is the first book by this witty columnist named Twinkle Khanna. Twinkle Khanna is the wife of a very famous Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar. After trying her hand at acting, Twinkle now runs her own business.

She has been writing a regular column for a leading newspaper in India for quite a while and has been appreciated for her witty style of writing and for raising the social issues in a unique manner.

The book is a nonfiction where she shares some anecdotes from her life while trying to be the same witty, clever writer.

My review of the book Mrs Funnybones

The book became an instant bestseller, and I was quite curious about whether it was the content of the book that made it to the bestseller list or the good promotion strategy.

Let me take up things that I didn’t like about the book before mentioning what I liked about the book. The book has some chapters, and there are so many blank pages for no reason. Come on! I bought a book for Rs. 299 and what I find is that half of the pages are kept empty to make it look more stylish. Highly unacceptable. I wish I had scrolled through the pages of the book before buying it.

Then from the reviews on the cover page, I read that she has raised the social issues in a very sarcastic manner, and that happened when I had already ready five chapters from the book. That was when I got it… all those stories that were making no sense to me were trying to raise a social issue or something like that. That could mean either of the two things. Either I was too dumb to understand the meaning behind the words (which is something I love doing the most while reading the books) or the words failed to express the sense that sharply.

After I realized what the author was trying to do in her book Mrs Funnybones, I kind of tried harder to look for what issue she raised in each chapter. While I did like some chapters after that, many of the chapters again made no sense.

The author missed the goal at a lot of places. Some chapters could have been memorable, but they were too short and lightly written to make that happen.

If I had to list down the good things about the book, I would say it was a good try to raise some social issues in the country. Just a try. It was a fun read and a quick read. If it had been any longer, I would have ended up hating the book. If it had been a bit boring, I would have hated the book. But I didn’t.

Overall, Mrs Funnybones is a cool light read that you may or may not enjoy. Enter at your risk. 😛

My ratings: 2.5/5


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