I haven’t been regularly posting since a while. I have been busy. And very sick at time management. Half of my time these days is spent on regretting my decisions of whiling away my time while my work gets piled up. And another half is spent working. So, I have no time to give to this blog. Yes. I am lying flat on your face.


There’s another thing that has been keeping me busy. Day Dreaming. Since the moment I made the decision… I was just driving at the top speed I can for I wanted to get away from my home, I knew where I was going, but I had no idea about where my life was going, I love my work style but sitting at home LITERALLY doesn’t take you anywhere, I needed fresh air. So, I got out of my house and decided to eat a sub at the nearby mall and enjoy some “ME” time. On my way, the idea struck me. I needed MOVING OUT.

I knew it when I was moving back to my home. It was a horrible decision that I disguised as a financially planned move. Imagine how it would be! I was spending half of my salary on my living expenses, and if I moved home, the costs would move to zero. Imagine how much I would be able to save! Did that happen? No.

One thing that inevitably did happen was I became lousy at work, and my career faced a severe setback. I knew, I was looking for a solution and it just came in a second. I knew I had to move out to be able to find contentment in my life. Woah! That’s a big word, but I am the philosophical kind. Plus I am money minded. I needed myself to grow, not just stay stuck with one kind of job and with almost same salary.

And then I think moving out is necessary. The very old tradition of staying with your parents for the rest of your life just doesn’t work in this century. Not if you are ambitious and if you weren’t born with a silver spoon. But there are a couple of more reasons why I think moving out is the best decision a 20 something can make for oneself.

You learn the value of money

having multiple sources of income-personal finance
Personal Finance

While this isn’t the first point I had originally wanted to discuss while talking about reasons one should move out, I think this is the most important for me. When I moved back to my home after college, I thought I could save money. I had no rent, no food & fuel expenses at all. But when you start earning, and you don’t have to spend the money on the necessary expenses, you start devaluing the money. You spend money on stupid stuff and saving is a word that gets erased from your vocabulary.

It is only when you see half or more of your income getting spent in one minute – on rent, groceries, regular bills, that you understand how it is like to LIVE. If you’re living at your parents house, you would never know that for they will keep trying to protect you from the harsh realities of life.

You learn what it is like to live on your own

One day you will start a family, and you will have to bear all the expenses just like your parents do. But it is not a good idea to step into the water without sensing the temperature. You can get burned down. You can freeze. And it all comes unexpectedly. Imagine you go to dive into the sea in Goa and find that the water is hotter than the cup of tea you have early in the morning!

If you move out on your own and try to live all by yourself, you will get face to face with the difficulties one faces while trying to live on their own. These lessons don’t come from reading blogs or books, these come by experience. You have to do it to know it.

You open yourself to new opportunities

I am currently living in a dead place. I won’t be entirely wrong if I add LITERALLY to it. With the kind of dreams I have for myself and the kind of profession I have, I can’t just grow in this city. By deciding to move to another town, I will be opening myself to new opportunities. Meet new people, make new friends, find new business clients and many more.

Do you think it is possible if I stay at my home and ultimately adopt the internet lifestyle? Internet lifestyle is a thing, but business deals happen offline. There’s nothing more effective than a face to face meeting (especially when you have an attractive personality šŸ˜‰ )

You get yourself out of your comfort zone

light-sky-beach-sand moving out

If you have been doing the same kind of things all your life, if you have been living with the same kind of people all your life… you’re stuck. You can never do anything great. To achieve great things, you have to make yourself uncomfortable. You see, every necessary thing of a living being includes being uncomfortable. But then gradually we get used to it, and that’s when we need to make some changes.

I realized that I was too comfortable sitting on my work desk in my room and earning money. I had nowhere to spend. I had plenty of money. And did I tell, I never had to move to the kitchen to get even a glass of water. I am being treated like a princess at my home (not saying it in a real nice sense. I am pathetic). But that’s causing an immense harm to my career and my personality. I need to face the difficulties and that’s why moving out was a must for me.

I have given you four main reasons why I have decided to get out. I know it is going to be tough. I am going to spend almost my entire income on my living expenses (moving to a bigger and costly city does that to you). No one is going to cook food for me, get me groceries or help me with household work. In fact, I won’t even have a real bed to sleep on. But I want to do it. Because I know it is what I NEED to grow.

What do you feel? Is it more ethical to stick with your parents during the crucial years of your career, bask in the shadow of their love and stay away from the harsh realities of life for as long as you can? Or is it better to just get out, fight the difficulties and RISE?

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    • The idea seems to be pleasant from the outer look. you need to find out how is it really like to live by your own. Make sure you know enough before you really move out. I hope you figure out everything in the new year and implement whatever you desire. Good luck and happy new year šŸ™‚


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