Here’s the list of movies I’ve watched

The List Of Movies I have Watched Till Date

  1. World War Z (apocalyptic movie): Brad Pitt starrer, the movie follows the situation of a rabid outbreak amongst humans. It’s one of the best apocalyptic movies I have watched.
  2. I am A Legend (apocalyptic movie): It follows Will Smith, who is now the last man on Earth and has a companion, German Shepherd. I watched it just after watching World War Z, and it follows a similar apocalyptic situation in which a rabid disease has affected humans but it stood quite pale in front of World War Z.
  3. Home Again – A Netflix movie starring Reese Witherspoon
  4. Life As We Know It – Two people have to raise a baby together, and they can’t stand each other.
  5. Titanic
  6. Inception (Christopher Nolan movie)
  7. Deadpool (1,2)
  8. Avengers
  9. Batman
  10. X-men
  11. Ugly Truth
  12. Final Destination (1,2,3)
  13. Mr & Mrs Smith
  14. The Maze Runner
  15. Dawn of Planet of Apes
  16. The Notebook
  17. 50 First Dates
  18. There’s Something About Mary
  19. Charlie’s Angels (1,2,3)
  20. John Wick (1,2)
  21. Baywatch
  22. The Proposal
  23. San Andreas (disaster movie: earthquake)
  24. Hunger Games movies (1,2,3)
  25. Journey (1,2) (Adventure movie)
  26. The Transporter
  27. MIB
  28. Transformers
  29. Terminator movies
  30. Jurassic Park movies
  31. Ratatouille (movie for food lovers)
  32. Julie & Julia – parallel stories about how one woman becomes a famous chef and one woman decides to blog about all the recipes of the chef’s book.
  33. No Reservations
  34. Coffee Shop – A woman is struggling with her love life as her long time boyfriend leaves her for a fancy job and a writer visits the town.
  35. A Dog’s Purpose (Dog movie)
  36. Benji (Dog movie) but nothing really special, still a dog movie
  37. 100 Dalmations (Dog movie)
  38. Hachiko (Dog movie)
  39. Moana
  40. 27 dresses (Romcom) Katherine Heigl’s movie about a girl who has been a bridesmaid for way too many weddings.
  41. Crazy Stupid Love (Romcom)
  42. Geostorm (apocalyptic movie)
  43. Lord of the Rings (all 3)
  44. Twilight movies (all 4)
  45. Harry Potter movies (all)
  46. IT (part 1)
  47. How to train your dragon
  48. How to train your dragon 2
  49. Jumanji (the one with the Rock)
  50. Jumanji
  51. Jumanji 2
  52. Zathura
  53. Passenger
  54. Rampage
  55. Garfield – movie for cat lovers
  56. Wonderwoman
  57. Home Alone (1,2,3) – Christmas movie
  58. The Devil Wears A Prada – Inspirational movie
  59. Beauty & The Beast (w/ Emma Watson)
  60. The Mechanic
  61. Fast & Furious (1,2,3,4)
  62. Shashawnk Redemption
  63. The Wolf of The Wall Street
  64. The Revenant
  65. Interstellar (Christopher Nolan movie)

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