Well, food lovers, when on a diet, fill up their appetite by watching movies for food lovers. That’s a fact, my friend.

If you’re a food lover and you haven’t watched a movie that’s totally about food, yet, you’re not a real foodie. Call me judgemental but that’s totally true. Go get started now and become a certified food lover 😛

Anyway, in today’s post I am going to list down some movies for food lovers that I have watched and really liked.

  1. The best of best movies for food lovers: Ratatouille

movies for food lovers

With an Academy award for best animated picture in its kitty, Ratatouille is the eighth film produced by Pixar and it’s about this rat who aspires to become a cook. Remi, the rat, meets a garbage boy of a restaurant and there begins his journey of becoming a cook.

Ratatouille is a must-watch movie for food lovers. It’s THE one that I love, can watch over and over again and that I bet any food lover will enjoy.

Ratatouille refers to a French dish which gets served in the end of the film. The whole movie is super good and you must watch it.

2. Julie and Julia

movies for food lovers

Do you know you’re reading a blog right now? Just informing you. I also own an Indian Food blog called Food Journal. This information isn’t random, it’s to establish the fact that I am interested in blogging. And clearly, I am interested in food. How about a combination that will satiate my desire for both things?

Julie and Julia, with its two different storylines and Meryl Streep in the caste, is a movie that’s based on, not one but two, true stories. One story is about this real blogger who takes up a challenge to try all the recipes from a  cookbook written by a famous chef, Julia Child. She decides to blog this journey that happens over a year. The other story is about Julia Child, the chef, becoming the chef. Both stories happen in different times zones, different countries and have two brilliant actresses working to their best.

It’s a story you will, again, love and want to discuss for a long time.

3. No Reservations

movies for food lovers

Now, don’t go into this with huge expectations. It’s a romantic comedy, about an edgy chef whose life turns upside down when she has to take in her niece after her sister’s death and another chef enters her kitchen, the ‘don’t mess with me here’ zone, to make matters even more serious. What happens next is something you have to find out.

There’s a lot of talk about the right taste, right ingredients shopping and lots of kitchen scenes. What else do you need, food lovers?




4. Coffee Shop

movies for food lovers

Another beautiful feel-good movie about this small town girl passionate about coffee. She has been having a terrible year after her long-time boyfriend and mr. perfect leaves her for a fancy job. And there’s a playwright struggling to find his next hit show.

The moment I started watching this movie, I felt this vibe of goodness. Well, you can say that the plot is predictable but I loved it nonetheless.

Currently, this is my list of movies for food lovers. It sure will grow soon. Do follow me on social media to not miss more updates on this.

Which, according to you, are good movies for food lovers? Comment below.

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