Are you a dog lover? If yes, you’ll love indulging yourself in these movies for dog lovers. Cute dogs doing different things, it’s awesome. Oh yes! Some of you may be the other kind and think of it as ‘cruelty’. Well, I think my German Shepherd would love to work in a movie, that’s how much he loves working. It’s the breed. So, nothing wrong with it.

Let’s discuss which are some of the movies for dog lovers that I have watched and adored(or shed tears on).

  1. Hachiko

movies for dog lovers
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I cried for hours. HOURS. This is such an emotional tale about this dog and his owner. A college professor finds a puppy, lost and sad, and decides to keep him. They bond. The dog always goes to the station to see off his owner to work and waits for him to come back. But what if some day the owner never comes back? What would the dog do?

Based on a true story, Hachiko is emotional and will break your heart in millions of pieces. You will cry, lots and lots of tears will leave your eyes, never to make their way back. A must-watch movie if you’re a dog lover.

2. A Dog’s Purpose

latest movies for dog lovers

The movie got hit badly due to a controversy. A leaked clip about a scared german shepherd (just so you know, all german shepherds are extremely scared of water, doesn’t mean their owners are supposed to never let them in a pool or bathe them) was enough to stall the release. When it finally released, I ran to the movie theatre speaking – ‘Bailey, Bailey, Bailey, Bailey…’

Based on a book with the same title, it’s a story about a dog trying to explain/find his purpose. It’s again a very nice, at times, emotional tale that involves a dog. It’s a funny and extremely heart warming story. 

3. Marley And Me

marley and me
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If you’re a fan of movies for dog lovers that will make you cry, Marley and Me totally does it. The movie is a story of a dog and his life with a loving family until he finally meets his end of life.

I mean, it’s getting quite repetitive if I keep telling you what an emotional movie it is.

4. Benji

movies for dog lovers benji
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It’s a latest Netflix original that’s a feel-good and okay movie. Mind you! I didn’t find it very very good. It was just okay. I didn’t like how Benji was such an unrealistic dog – there’s a fine line between getting amazed or getting disgusted with what a dog can do in a movie. Sadly, it was latter for me. But still, I feel that the story gets some points and you can watch it if you cannot find anything else on Netflix to watch.

5. 101 Dalmatians 

101 dalmatians
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The movie gave us a villain we will forever remember from our childhood – Cruella. The movie is actually a remake of an animated movie and has a lot of puppies. A lot. These puppies get in trouble because of the evil Cruella and it’s their story.

A very very nice movie, entertaining, sweet and apt to be in the list of movies for dog lovers.

6. Eight Blow

eight blow
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I came across this movie while scrolling through the list of movies of the late Paul Walker. Eight Blow has a lot of huskies, stranded in a very cold Antarctica and about the resolve of this man to bring them back.

It’s an interesting movie. Entertaining? Yes. Emotional? Yes. A must-watch? YES.

There you go! You have six movies for dog lovers that you can binge watch this coming weekend. Which ones are you going to pick?

7. The Art of Racing in The Rain

Released in 2019, it follows a dog named Enzo, who’s a racer by heart. His owner also happens to be a car racer. It’s a story narrated by Enzo, in a witty, smart & beautiful manner. Warning: the movie will make you cry, but it’s one of the most beautiful movies I have watched lately. It’s a must-watch in my list of movies for dog lovers. Go for it!

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