The Maze Runner, released on September 19, 2014, is a science fiction thriller directed by Wes Ball and based on a book by James Dashner. The fact that the story is based on a book was quite evident even before I knew about it. Such an intriguing and well designed plot is found only in movies that are based on a novel.

The maze runner
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Plot of the Maze Runner

The plot of The Maze Runner begins when Thomas (Dylan O’ Brian, yes the Teen Wolf star Stiles) finds himself in a rusty elevator and remembers nothing except his name. He finds out that he has been trapped with many other people in a maze which has no way out. But just like every other story’s hero, Thomas is too stubborn to believe that there is no way out. So, he finds himself in some really dangerous situations during his search to get out of the maze. To find out what happens to this The Maze Runner, you need to watch the movie.

Review of the Maze Runner

I had already seen the promos of this movie and had decided to watch the movie since then. Unfortunately, I couldn’t catch the show during the weekend but today was the day to watch The Maze Runner. Overall, The Maze Runner is a good movie. It has action, mystery and thrill.

The plot of the movie is perfect. It is complex but presented in a really good manner. The people starring in the movie have done quite a good job. Good acting. But the director could’ve worked harder. In fact, he should have worked harder. There isn’t any flaw in the direction, but it could’ve been a lot better. Lots of details were missed which is disappointing.

Obviously, I cannot compare the movie with the novel for I haven’t read the novel by myself. I need to tell what I liked about the movie and what I didn’t. And there was nothing I disliked. This is a good movie, not an awesome one but still, a good one.

Finix Post Ratings for The Maze Runner: 3.5/5

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