Most of us are privileged. We have never seen what’s poverty and homelessness os. If life puts you in such a situation when you completely didn’t expect it, it’s even worse. And at that moment, what we do and what we make of ourselves makes a painful yet memorable story.

Molding My Destiny By Patrice M Foster is the real-life account of the author where she churns out all the ugly details of her life – the poverty, neglect, self-image issues, abuse that can break any person. It’s her story about struggling to survive and rising every time she fell or someone kicked her away.

I would recommend the book to many and here’s why.

What’s in the book – Molding My Destiny?

The book begins with an account of the author’s childhood as the youngest kid in the family. It puts light on how a troubled childhood can have an eternal impact on your life, character and life decisions. With her raw writing style, the author touches everything that happened that affected her and her family.

It talks about how being ignored affects a kid’s mind and how a messed up parent can mess up your life.

It talks about how hard hitting poverty can be. What can poverty and homelessness make you do? How it affects your overall life?

The shattered expectations and lack of ambition that comes with all this, is another aspect that author touched and puts a light on how much motivation and support a troubled person can yearn for and how much he/she needs it.

The uncertainty of future while being completely clueless about your career choices is another subject the author touched through her story.

In the end, it’s all about how even after you drastically change, not everything in your life changes and finally, you have to learn to deal with it.

a book about troubled childhood

Molding My Destiny – Yay or Nay?

After all, this is a book review. I have to address what I liked about the book and what I disliked.

One thing I am struggling to decide is this. The reminiscences in the entire book, in no way, seem to be glorified or intensified to make the story look better. Instead, the author focuses on the stark reality of her life in the entire book. I loved it. I liked how real the story was and how it was presented. But at the same time, I imagine what if it was there was more attention on building the scene! Would the story come out even better?

I have never read such a naked account of someone’s life. She doesn’t hide anything. She tells you everything that happens, everything she does which even she may not be proud of and everything that came straight to her face. It seems no facts were dressed up and felt so real.

It’s  a story that I kept reading. Honestly, I can’t even explain why. It just pulls you into it. You just want to know what happened next, hoping for the best. However, let me warn you that this story breaks your heart more than you would expect. After all, it’s a real-life story and not some fictional account of somebody’s life. Real life doesn’t give you what you expect. Does it?

It raises a plethora of questions and moments of realizations in your life. You wouldn’t be able to help but imagine the seriousness of things like belittling a person, bad childhood, bad parenting, family drama, lack of motivation, respect and belief.

It makes you rethink about how much a troubled childhood can scar a person’s mind and personality.

Although the author amazingly described her relationships with every character in the book, I would have preferred if she went deeper into how she felt at certain situations with her family members.

In the end, the book just leaves you with a heavy heart and many moments of realization about your life, about your past and some troubled person around you.

Who should read it?

molding my destiny

According to me, all the parents should read it. Sometimes, we don’t even realize how our actions can impact our kids. This book will be an eye-opener to you.

All the kids who have always been undermined by someone important in their lives will find a great lesson in this book.

All the people who look for failure stories for inspiration should read this account.

All the people who like to read real-life stories of struggle, determinationm and persistence to change the way things are, read this.

My ratings

4/5 stars

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