Are you looking for a cure to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging and aging skin? Mitchell USA may have sorted it out for you.

It’s a fact that the nutritional imbalance and the increasing pollution have made skin care necessary for us. Gone are the days when normal face wash and moisturisers could do the job for us. Our skin requires extra attention and care.

I happened to come across one brand that believes in the same truth and has discovered a powerful ingredient to reduce skin aging – lotus seeds.

Mitchell USA review

About Anti-Aging Secret of Mitchell USA products

Lotus seeds survived extinction due to renewal of a protein (internally) with the help of a powerful enzyme. The same acted as an inspiration to build a product that would do the same kind of renewal to the skin cells and reduce aging related issues.

In one of the studies conducted by the brand, over 91% people using lotus seeds have experienced a visually younger and brighter skin. Read more about the skin care products developed on the basis of this research.

Mitchell skincare line uses the same formula to provide skin care products to help people fight aging.

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Mitchell USA Products I Tried

I was sent a sample of seven products by the brand. The full sized products are also shown in some of the pictures I picked up from the brand’s instagram account. Let me discuss what I got and what I feel about them.

  1. Skin Polish — Insta Brite Exfoliating Cream: It softens the skin and improve its texture.
  2. Lift & Firm Tightening Serum: It helps to energise the tightened skin and give it an instant lift. mitchell usa lift and firm tightening serum
  3. Skin Energiser Peptide Hydration Cream: It is specifically designed for people who deal with too much stress; so much so that it reflects on their skin. It lightly hydrates the skin and energies it. Mitchell USA Skin energizer
  4. Papaya Brightening Cleanser Facial Wash: It works as a nice makeup remover and promotes smooth and bright skin. papaya brightening cleanse by mitchell usa
  5. Neck Therapy Refining Cream: It minimises lines and wrinkles, while nourishing the aging skin.
  6. Lineless Eye Complex Anti-aging SerumIt helps to reduce puffiness under the eyes and boosts blood circulation, thereby reducing fine lines under the eyes. 
  7. Night Therapy Anti-wrinkle Cream: It nourishes the dry skin and acts as a good night cream while enhancing the skin tone and skin calrity.  mitchell usa night therapy

Mitchell USA Products Review

I don’t know about others but for me, skin care is about what makes my skin feel good. Do I feel good while applying the product? Does it feel good on my face? Does it smell good? Is the after-effect pleasant?

Mitchell USA review

This exfoliating cream is supposed to soften the skin and restore skin radiance. Does it do that? Do all the products do what they claim?

Most of the products would show major and visible difference only after repeated and regular use. But my first impressions of the products have been very good.

I loved the pleasant and new odor (for me) of the products. Some of the products showed instant difference. For example, my skin looked softer and brighter after using the mild exfoliator which had small granules to facilitate good exfoliation.

The tightening serum also worked well and made my skin feel instantly tighter. I am sure results would be even better after regular use.

I am a big fan of under-eye creams and have been using one for over two years. The cream gives a serious competition to my current favourite and the skin energiser is a new discovery that I feel is a must in any working-woman’s life who deals with stress and anxiety regular. It just makes you feel so good!

Overall, I have a lot of good things to say about the Mitchell USA products. I liked them from my first expression. I did go to online shopping websites and checked the prices of the products to see how affordable they’re. Well, considering that they’re all anti-aging cream and related products (which are usually expensive) and comparing these to other products available in the market that claim the same results, I feel the prices are quite reasonable.

What do you think about this? Tell me in the comments if you have tried Mitchell USA skincare products. If not, what’s your current favorite? Discuss in the comments below!

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