How often do you find a book with authentic Indian vibes? Having read over 200 books in last 3 years, most of which were by Indian authors, I can tell you that such books are rare. As a reader who craves for authentic Indian writing, it takes a long wait to come across a book that would meet those standards.

Men and Dreams in the Dhauldhar by Kochery C Shibu is a recent addition to my collection of books with true Indian vibes. Giving me a break from Indian mythology and crime thrillers, the book is a fiction setup around the building of a dam in the breathtaking Dhauladhar mountains of the country.

Men and dreams in the dhauladhar by Kochery C Shibu

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Sprawling with activity, the project touches the lives of many. There’s Nanda, who is running away from his past. There’s Khushru, who may bring heavy destruction with his ties with a big terror group in Pakistan. There’s Rekha who is searching for true love. There are the innocent villagers who are giving up their lands for this dam project. There are workers who work on the project and some even lose their lives in the process.

Set in the enchanting mountains, the book is a tale of dreams, aspirations and normal lives that get affected by this dam project.

Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar Book Review

The moment you start reading the book, you will appreciate the writing style of the author and the work he has done.

The true Indian vibe is prevalent throughout the book. You get to see the nitty-gritties of the rural Indian lives. How’s the life of the people living in the small towns with mountains surrounding them? What they eat? What they’re like? If anything like this interests you, the book is for you.

Are you curious about how a dam is built? Apart from the technicals of the project, do you want to take a look at how the life of labuorers working on such projects is like? I mean, you could have never imagined how interesting, heart touching and fun it could be to know these people.

You won’t believe the kind of hardships these people go through and you won’t believe yourself for not caring enough to pay attention to this before. The author has beautifully captured the minute things that touch your heart and leave a lasting impression on you.

There’s also this mysteriously dangerous plan of destroying the dam. A young man is being used as a pawn to accomplish this project. How did he become a terrorist? Is there still some innocence and good left in him?

If you ever wanted to take a deep look into the lives like these, Men and Dreams in the Dhauladhar is the book for you. You’ll be amazed with the depth and beauty captured by this book.

Yes, the dam part gets way too technical at times but it’s a fresh setup that works beautifully to capture the true essence of this book.

I totally loved Men And Dreams in the Dhauladhar and would recommend anybodywho is looking for a well-written book with beautifully captured true Indian vibes to pick up this book. Go ahead and read it!

My Ratings 4/5 stars

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