Hi there! Do you know me? Out of all the common names in the world, my mom decided to give me an annoying and even more common name – Manpreet. People get confused with my gender, so much so that my travel agent booked my tickets as Mr. Manpreet for my trip to Manipal. But I am a female.

What I learned from year 2015?

I am also a blogger; probably that’s why you’re reading this on my blog Finix Post, and social media marketer. I am a very expressive and outgoing person. I love talking to people, a lot many times I talk about me. I share things I know and things I think of. But being true to my human nature, I tend to hide away the bad things about me. They wouldn’t sound so cool. They wouldn’t help me grow. Then why share?

But today, I’m going to share. I am going to show you the darker side of Manpreet. Ready?

  1. I am superstitious

Of course, I don’t believe in things like unlucky black cat and sneezing, but I feel people can jinx you with their jealousy. A few months back, I lost Rs. 1 lac. Even though a tarot card reader already warned me that it was coming, I decided to let it happen. When it happened, all I could think of was how many people I shared my earnings with. One of them might have jinxed it. Every time something bad happens to me related to my work, which usually happens after I share something like my earnings or work details (now you know why I don’t share it these days), I feel like it happened because someone jinxed it. Stupid superstitions. No?

2. I am inconsistent

I believe the key to success in anyone’s life is consistency. You have to work on one thing over and over again continuously to get successful at it. I am such a big believer in the importance of consistency that I have also written posts about it. It’s one thing I mention in all of my interviews.

But talking about myself.. am I consistent? No. I work one day and then spend three days trying to work but not working. Then I spend two more days regretting why I wasn’t working for those three days and this vicious cycle of working less, regretting more begins. It’s shameful. But it keeps happening to me. I overpower it for a few days, but it keeps coming back.

3. I am FAT & I hate being fat

I have always been chubby, but I have never been fat. Fat is that state of your body when you feel unhealthy and are unhealthy. You have pain in your joints; you can’t walk for more than one kilometers, and you can’t exercise without going out of breath. That’s a state I hate. But last year put me in that state.

Most of my work involve sitting and staring at my computer screen. I do that for more than 12 hours a day. That apparently took a toll on my health and made me fat. I am trying to cut down the weight, but it hasn’t been working that effectively yet.

meet the dark side of manpreet

4. I dislike YouTube videos (sometimes out of jealousy)

I make videos about books. And most of the people who make videos, they understand how bad it feels when someone dislikes your videos. It has happened to me. Some stupid haters have done that to me. And it feels wrong. But I dislike videos too.

I dislike all those videos where you can’t see a person’s face and hear the person. I dislike all those videos where women claim to be makeup experts, and all they do is just put more and more makeup on their faces. Oh, the jealousy part! Luckily I have done that to just one person who tried to sabotage the recognition of my work. She deserved it!

5. I am jealous and vengeful

Sometimes I get jealous, but I think it’s more of envy, as all I do is make myself feel bad during such situations. But being vengeful… that comes from the fact that I trust people too quickly, and I am too dedicated to whatever I do. And when some people decide to be assholes, I just can’t help myself not be bad. The sad part is I feel it’s a waste of time to try and take revenge. Instead, I sit back and wait for the karma to teach them a lesson. And karma has never disappointed me yet.

There you have it. You now know some dark secrets about Manpreet which you can use next time in your arguments or next time you start to bitch about me. 😉

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  1. I agree. It needs a lot of dedication and willpower. While I do have it, but I give up for I tend to believe that there are more important things that must be taken care of first 😀

  2. Good on you Manpreet. Saying these things would have taken a lot of courage.
    I’m inconsistent too, just like you. Trying get to fix it but keep feeling that life’s too short to just work. ?


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