Meditation – the art of focusing your full attention in one area is important. Almost every self help guru talks about this as a technique to achieve greater spiritual success. Some even say that this helps you focus your mind to achieve greater materialistic things as well.

Girl Meditating the right way

But is it all true? I also tried meditation like many of you and found it utterly useless. Do you know why? Because I couldn’t practice this in the right manner. How could I expect it to give me benefits when I am not even doing it right?

Then I learned, practiced and tried to master the art of meditation. And now I do feel that I can tell you how to meditate the right way. Here are few things that worked for me.

  1. Know What It Is: You must understand what you’re stepping into. Meditation isn’t just about closing your eyes and chanting ‘Om’ for a while. It is about focusing. You need to focus on something with eyes open or closed and let yourself cool down. Slowly, you would need to calm down each and every part of your body. The ultimate objective is Self control; especially your mind. So, before you begin meditation, read a lot about it. Why one should do it, how one should do it and so on.
  2. Figure Out Why You Want To Do It: Not everyone is seeking for calm mind. Many of the bloggers seek for new ideas and let me share a secret of mine; I get most of my ideas while I am meditating. Of course, that sometimes shatter the whole concept of meditation, but that works for me. You must understand what you want to achieve by practicing this art. Once you know that, it would be a lot easier to accomplish.
  3. Experiment: If you really want to meditate the right way, I would want you to experiment. Not everyone can focus on the ‘Om’ chanting. I meditate while trying to focus on a red dot in front of me. Figure out what holds your attention and use it to meditate. Even this article I read from this amazing blog talks about that. Read it.
  4. Be Disciplined: Of course, you are trying to discipline your mind through this art. But before you do that, make sure you are disciplined when it comes to practicing meditation. You must set out specific times to do this and be regular. You don’t need to sit and wear your workout clothes to meditate. Just do it anywhere… but make sure you do it regularly without distraction and leaps.

I could have written a 1000 word article while trying to tell you to meditate the right way but what would have been the use of it? These four points cover all of it. Yes, these four points can teach you everything you need to master the art of meditation and achieve greater spiritual success in life.

 If you don’t really bother yourself with spiritual things, this also helps you to come up with new ideas, better solutions to your day to day problems and maintaining good health. I think those are big enough reasons for you to start doing meditation.

Let me know if these points work for you. They did for me and don’t forget to share this post with your social circle. Some of you might find this extremely helpful and that would be an accomplishment for me.

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