How creative can one get with the same old concept of blood sucking vampires? How can a person build a different vampire story and appeal to people who have watched supernatural, twilight and vampire diaries? How can a person write a good enough vampire novel to make one completely obsessed with it?

marked review

Well, these are the questions that can be perfectly answered by the writers of A House of Night Novel series. This mother daughter duo has been working on this series and has delivered exceptionally well. So well that a lot of my friends recommended me to read this series. That I did. I picked up the first book in the series – Marked and started reading!

The story of the book revolves around a girl named Zoey Redbird. Now, the world she lives in is a bit different. Vampires are publically exposed here and there are even vampire schools that groom a growing vampire. So, there are teenagers who are chosen to be vampires and then sent to some vampire school to learn about being a vampire.

Zoey Redbird also gets marked and is sent to the vampire school – A House of Night. But as her will to be a normal girl and fit in strengthens, she finds her in a completely different situation. She gets blessed with special gifts and now she has to face the wrath of people who don’t like being dominated!

Marked is a cool young adult fiction that gives you the taste of high school life in a little twisted way.  Here most of the talks revolve around vampires. And it is so fun!

As I got a second hand copy of the book, I wasn’t impressed with what I had in my hands. I wasn’t impressed with the cover and I wasn’t impressed with the one-word title of the book. I am still trying to get used to the one word title. Seriously!

Once I started reading Marked, Oh my god! I was startled and wanted to see how it went. Some parts of the books make you feel like the book has been written by a teenager (which is partly true) but as you move forward, you would realize that added to the glory of the book. Moreover, it gets interesting as you read more and more.

The characters of the book are really nicely defined. And even the places. How everyone looks, what kind of people they are… everything has been portrayed very nicely and in a wise manner. It isn’t like you see a person and start hating him at once. Different events in book unfold what kind of person so and so are. I loved the way it went.

Truthfully, I just find myself lucky to pick up some good books. Thanks to my book hauls and this is truly one of them. I just turned the pages of the book and wanted to read on and on. Loved everything about the book – plot, characters, narration style, speed… everything!

I would definitely recommend you to read the book. In fact, I bet once you read this you would want to pick up the next books in the series. I definitely did.  If you’re into young adult and want to read beautiful fiction fantasy, pick it up and start reading!

My ratings for this book: 4/5 

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    • Hey Rajkumar,
      I definitely loved this one. Wasn’t very happy with the next 3 books in the series. But this one is awesome. Try it.


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