Manhunt Unabomber review is coming up! That’s just the most evident way of trying to impress Google. LOL (Correctly written as Manhunt: Unabomber)

But hey! One fine day, I was sick of watching Heartland. I mean, I am on season 10 and I am sure I watched the entire show with 18 episodes in each season of 45 minutes each in about three months. I was so obsessed but I needed a break.

There I see this show pop up on my Netflix feed and I accidentally start watching it.

What is it about?

manhunt unabomber review

Manhunt Unabomber is actually a mini-series about this criminal who used to send bombs via post. It’s based on a true story. It’s about how the guy was caught and it has a lot of emphasis on linguistics as that’s how the criminal was caught. On the backdrop, it also leaves you with some serious thoughts that you consider after you understand the ‘why’ of these killings. In the end of the show, the profiler is waiting for the light to turn green at a traffic signal and that was just it – I knew I had to do whatever I can to tell people about this show. I loved it so much!

Hey! Let me clear one thing – I can’t really dissect T.V. Shows. Yes, I loved doing that with books in my book reviews but I don’t understand the visuals. I don’t understand the direction, the acting and any jargon related to T.V. All I understand is – Did I like the story or not? Did I find the show interesting or not? Did I enjoy watching it or not? Who else would enjoy watching it?

Manhunt Unabomber is a fast-paced show with its story jumping to and fro – it takes you to the time when the manhunt was actually on and it shows you how this FBI profiler working on this special task force solved this complex case. At the same time, you see Ted, the Unabomber, in the jail and fighting his case.

The show is set in 1990’s and honestly, I didn’t know any of the actors out there except for Sam Worthington as Jim (the FBI profiler) who I also know from the movie The Man On A Ledge which I absolutely enjoyed watching.

The show is the typical cat and mouse story and I love the shows where a bunch of FBI agents are trying to catch criminals. This show had a fairly different vibe to it for the way to catch the criminal was quite different and it had this profiler as the main character who wasn’t listened to by anyone. Nobody bought his theories and he had to push his way and bend the rules to make others listen.

I feel the show was much deeper than just a cat and mouse story. You see Jim and you see him getting sucked into his work. You see his dark side when he literally throws everything out of his life to catch this criminal.

You see Ted who has these crazy views about living a life and human society and you try to suppress all those feelings that tell you how correct he is with some of his views. I mean, the last scene of the show will definitely make you think hard about it. I do think what happened with him in his University years wasn’t a story that I bought with emotions. I just heard it (or rather saw it) and let it go. It could have been better. How? I don’t know.

I am not a film critic or anything. All I want to say is that the show is really good. It’s fast paced and I already gave you a rough idea about what it is. Watch it if you’re interested in these kind of shows!

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