Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy is one of the best books on time management out there. The self-help book, at less than 200 pages, has 21 time management methods to teach you.

Each of the lessons are so powerful and need your immediate attention.

eat that frog by brian tracy

I procrastinated finishing this book for the longest time for I always got stuck at the practice part. However, this time I decided to go through the entire book and pick a few tips that I could implement right away.

Having read this book once, I definitely want to read it again, over and over again.

Yes, it’s that kind of book.

Reading self-help books definitely requires you to be open to the idea of re-reading books. How else would you grasp all the concepts and truly benefit from them?

Eat that frog Book Review

What makes Eat That Frog better than other self help books is that it’s very to-the-point.

It doesn’t have long explanations. It doesn’t have same thing repeated over and over again, as is the case in some self-help books (like The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy).

That makes it a pretty easy and interesting read and I’m very glad I picked it up.

I would recommend it to anybody who is into self-help books and who is looking for a good self-help on time management. Go for it.

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