I have noticed certain actions of die-hard makeup lovers that are bothering me a lot. Here’s a list of them and an invitation on what you think about it.

You’ll find makeup lovers everywhere. One of the most popular communities on YouTube is of the beauty lovers which consume content like makeup reviews, makeup hauls, and makeup tutorials like a gluttony food lover.

There are thousands (maybe millions) of Facebook groups dedicated to makeup lovers. Tens of thousands of videos, photos and text posts are being posted on the internet targeted to this set of people or by this set of people. I have been a member of this community on and off. But here are some things that I don’t like and don’t understand.

3 Things I Hate About Makeup Lovers

  1. Why so much makeup?

While I completely adore some beauty bloggers who are amazing at makeup skills, it’s a fact that some beauty bloggers are just apt at loading their face with makeup. It’s like they do 100 layers of makeup challenge every day while getting ready. I understand that some people just love makeup (I am one of them) but why would you just load your face with the thing you love? Shouldn’t there be a limit or an attempt to moderation?

2. Shaming people who don’t do makeup

Well, I am a makeup lover but sometimes I get lazy which makes me shoot videos without makeup or not focus much on how am I looking. Over time, I have realised what a blunder it is. It takes a minute for people to start belittling you for your lipstick isn’t right, your eyes don’t look bright and what not.

I understand that you know a lot about makeup and you love makeup. What I don’t understand is your notion about people who don’t wear it. How does the lack of makeup make them ugly or existence of makeup makes you more beautiful? Are we seriously living in a world where beauty is decided according to the layers of makeup you’re wearing?

3. Pointing out makeup mistakes

We all have guilty pleasures. Don’t we? For example, I have a habit of correcting grammatical mistakes or filling up sentences when a person isn’t able to remember a word. However, while doing this, I never try to judge a person’s language abilities. I don’t try to offend or attack a person due to such a mistake. I agree that even I make such mistakes sometimes.

And before you judge me on this, I do agree that there would millions who do the similar when it comes to makeup. But there are makeup lovers who would slay you for you forgot to wear your bronzer or to blend it correctly. The whole reason why I am writing this post is because I was just watching my favourite Booktuber (she makes videos about books) and saw people pointing out how she forgot to blend her bronzer. I get it, you want to inform her. What I don’t get is the people who get rude over that. Come on! She isn’t even a beauty blogger.

Although I believe it is everywhere, yet I feel makeup lovers indulge in this activity of judging everybody from their makeup skills. I agree, the way you look is important. But is being bad at makeup an unforgivable crime?

These are the top 3 things that I don’t get about makeup lovers. I am one myself but I feel lucky to not indulge in the above three. What about you? What are your thoughts about it? Am I just overthinking on this or is it really happening as often as I think it is? Share the instances to support or oppose these points.

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  1. Well when we talk about makeup. Most of the guys do hate it when girls take lot of time in makeup. But it is the thing which adds more glamour to girls.

    Loved the post!


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