Looks like Indian writers are finally learning how to write good stories or maybe I am just getting hold of good books these days. After I finished reading the last book, I found Love Lasts Forever only if you marry your love by Vikrant Khanna in my hands. So, today I am going to review Love Lasts Forever.

love lasts forever review

Story of Love Lasts Forever

Ummm my version is going to be a little different from what’s written on the cover page. Don’t worry. I hate spoilers too. So, Love Lasts Forever is a story about Ronit who is into merchant navy. Ronit is married to Aisha– the love of his life. After a relationship of seven years, both get married and fall out of love in just a few days post marriage or that’s what Ronit feels like.

Now, Ronit is on a ship listening to the love story of his captain – Shekhar who goes through a painful time being in love. And Shekhar’s story is going to change the perception of Ronit who has lost his belief in love.

Love Lasts Forever asks you to turn the pages to find out what happened to Ronit and Aisha, what happened to Shekhar and how Shekhar’s story changes Ronit’s perception.

About the author of the Love Lasts Forever

Love Lasts Forever is written by Vikrant Khanna who is a sailor by profession. Yes, he is a sailor and a story talking about ships is somewhat expected from him. Isn’t it? But Vikrant is not a new writer. He has already given two outstanding performances when it comes to writing books and he is certainly on his way to repeat the history.

You know, this ‘about the author part’ is usually missing from my reviews or it is kept minimal for as I say, who cares about the author? All I care for is the book and my reading experience. But this time, it is certainly different. I just loved the guy (alas! He is married). And this song they prepared for the book is so nice. Check it out! But do that after reading the review.

Review of Love Lasts Forever

The story begins with Shekhar telling his love story to Ronit but to build anticipation, we don’t get to know what exactly Shekhar told Ronit. Shekhar has already told about his love and how they got together but Ronit has several questions which keep popping up in his mind until their ship gets hijacked.

The story actually goes in three parts – one where Ronit is sitting in a ship that is taken over by pirates, two where Ronit tells about his story and how he fell out of love after he got married with the love of his life, and three where the captain –shekhar is the hero.

And the first thought that came to my mind after reading this book is how well the plot was built. It is always a tough task to compile a story that runs at three different locations. Errors do creep in which are then noticed by readers like me who are more inclined at criticizing the book than praising it. But this book was flawless (except for few grammatical errors and two spelling mistakes).

Second thing is how anticipation is built in the story. Each question in the story is revealed at right time which is really thrilling. Though the story becomes quite predictable at the end but once you start reading it, you would hardly notice that. The book binds you so closely that all you think is what author wants you to think.

Third thing – here I am with a little criticism. You may skip this paragraph but I have to say that. There are parts of the story, especially when Ronit tells about his wife Aisha, when you feel disgusted. Some things are just so unreal. If I give an example, it might be a spoiler but you would notice it while reading it. And you would be able to ignore it too for it is quite bearable..

Love Lasts Forever is a different kind of love story. While usual stories talk of what happens until marriage, this story focuses more on what happens after marriage. And this is definitely something new to me when it comes to reading newly published books.

So my final verdict – Love Lasts Forever presents you an exciting and gripping story that would hold you tightly till the end and when you finish the book, you would end up smiling and realizing that you have read a GOOD BOOK. Isn’t that what we all want? To read good books which make us realize what a pleasure it is to read.

Read Love Lasts Forever and let me know what you feel about the book.

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    • This is a good book. If you like love stories, you would love this book and as you said, you already have it. Start reading it NOW! 🙂


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