What does sex mean to you? Is what all Indians claim – a tool to have a progeny or is it something intimate that you want to enjoy and experience? The very subject is still a taboo in India, but some rebels like to show a middle finger to the hypocrite Indian society and go on to make bold statements and even write a book.

losing my virginity and other dumb ideas by madhuri banerjee review

Not all of them make good attempts. For example, an erotica I read a few years back was a complete disaster. But still I found myself intrigued by the title and I couldn’t resist buying this book by Madhuri Banerjee – Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas.

About the book Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas

The book is about a girl named Kaveri, who just turned thirty and is remorseful about her ‘purity’ status. She hasn’t ever dated a guy, or kissed someone or had sex. She is an independent woman who loves art and who seems to have a very high standard when it comes to guys. Due to this very fact, she never came close to any guy to date.

As she turns 30, she feels as if she had done something wrong and must do something about it. Of course, she is aware that her biological clock is ticking, and she needs to find a suitable life partner soon. But she decides to focus on the most immediate thing first – losing her virginity.

Then begins Kaveri’s hunt to find a guy she would like and want to sleep with, and after several failed attempts, she finds the dream man she always wanted. He loves art; he is smart; is intelligent, he is handsome, and they have that spark. Kaveri feels drawn to him but this guy, Arjun, is married.

This fact twisted the entire thing and then you can all guess what happens. While the story is going on the pages of this book Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas, there’s something deeper that’s going on to Kaveri’s character. She is experiencing things she has never even thought of before and a lot of is about to change.

Plot of Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas

The plot isn’t that new. Is it? The same old ‘girl want to find a guy; she rejects a few, then finds a perfect man, but he turns out not-so-perfect and the hunt continues’ plot.

Obviously, you can’t say it was a fantastic plot that would keep you intrigued. It wasn’t something you’ve never heard of or something you cannot guess.

Writing Style

But then is there something in the book that makes you read it and enjoy? YES. The writing. The way Kaveri describes the guys she doesn’t like, how she meets Arjun, how dumb she acts and how everything goes on is plain amazing. It isn’t written in the classic literature kind of way but is simple yet entertaining.

The conversational writing style along with excellent anecdotes is what I liked about this book. The first part was fantastic. The second part where Arjun comes in gets dragged and over-dramatic after a while. It was plain dumb to read what all was happening. It just didn’t sound real. It wasn’t as if what was happening wasn’t believable, it was but writing missed that convincing factor.

The book goes to a downfall after that, and you just don’t feel like continuing. Of course, I finished it, but the overall graph for my reading experience would start on a high note and then just keeps falling.


Kaveri is the main character, and I loved the way she is in the beginning. She is vigorous and independent. She is just amazing. But it seems like the author forgot what her character was like at the start of the book for she acted completely different once Arjun comes in her life.

Now part of it is acceptable as the author was trying to portray what changes when you fall in love, and it doesn’t turn out right. But perhaps, she got overflown with this section and forgot what the character’s original traits.

It was disappointing to see that as I feel in love with the nature of Kaveri and seeing her become such a weak character just didn’t seem right.

Arjun covers up a large section of the book, but the author forgot to give him a real character in the book. Kaveri always overshadowed him. I have read books written in this tense – Twilight, Fifty Shades of Gray, Mortal Instrument Series and a lot of Indian chic-lit, but there’s a way you write so that other characters get ample space, at least when they’re important. Here it wasn’t good.

Other characters had a minuscule role to play and were okay.

Final verdict: Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas

This book started amazingly. I felt as if I am going to love this book but I was a bit disappointed by the time I finished it. It’s a good read, but it isn’t as amazing as a good book should be.

My ratings: 2/5 stars

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  1. It was the title of this novel which sent me here to this review post. Well written review Manpreet. BTW may I know why have to clicked your nail paint and lipgloss with the novel 😛 just curious

    • Hello Shiwangi,
      No specific reason why I clicked the pic that way. Just wanted to add some more elements to this picture… so picked those.


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