It’s amazing how the year passed by. I guess I was still living in 2016 until December 2017, when I suddenly realised that a whole year has passed. What was I doing in 2017? What did I learn? Looking back at 2017, I can understand where the year went by.

what i learned in 2017

  1. Taking Risks

2017 began with one of the biggest risks I have taken so far. I’m a person who likes to have a secure income even when I do make it quite risky with my work from home and blogging work. But I have always stayed on safe path so far.

But right at the beginning of 2017, I was losing it. I needed to let my fears take a back seat and do what I needed to do – I quit. One of my major projects that was also the pillar of my secure financial life went like poof. Or let’s just say I made it go.

What happened? Nothing. Suddenly, there were more opportunities knocking at my door and I earned even more than I used to.

what i learned in 2017

2. New Projects? Fashion on UCNews

One completely new thing I did in 2017 was joining UCNews. I always wanted to talk about fashion but somehow, FinixPost never made me that comfortable with it. When I heard about UCNews, I thought I should give it a try and I did. With over 70,000 followers and about 200 articles written in last one year, I think it’s a good side project.

So, I guess I can finally call myself a fashion blogger now 😛 (I’m available on UC as FinixPost)

3. Increasing Video Frequency on Indian Booktuber channel

posting a lot of videos - production

One of the most challenging things I did was promising myself to focus more on my BookTube channel. I decided to post one video every odd day. That makes about 15 videos a month and then, there were bonus videos. I wouldn’t say I reached the number every month but I was close.

It was very challenging to come up with video ideas that felt relevant and useful and then, maintain the posting schedule no matter what.

It ultimately got me a lot of good business, recognition and 5800 subscribers on my Booktube channel by the end of 2017!

4. Travelling


Just like 2016, my travel destination was Goa. In 2016, I also went to Manipal on a work trip but Goa is bae. However, 2017 Goa trip was my dream holiday – all I did was sit on a beachside shack, tried new food, read a book while I could hear and see the waves and take in the endless horizon of the ocean.

I also went to my first blogging conference – BNLF by Indiblogger. It was so much fun to be around people who do what I love. Honestly, I am just baffled why I still haven’t blogged about these two events of my life from 2017.

I went to Chandigarh thrice. Does that count considering Chandigarh is like my second home? Maybe. From the Ramada Plaza messing up big time by giving me salted donuts (they seriously put salt on donuts instead of powdered sugar and both staff and I laughed like crazy people at the goof up) to doing one of my biggest shopping hauls on my birthday – Chandigarh just made me feel so good.

5. Moving Back Home

So, in 2015, I moved to Delhi. Why? Because I felt like so. A lot of people don’t get it for why would I need to live in such an expensive place and spend over Rs. 40,000 a month just for bills, food and rent when I had no job or work to do there and I had an option to save that money by just staying at home with my parents? Well, that’s me.

I do things because I feel like so, not because I need to. That’s really the same with me moving back home. I just felt to do so. So, I did. So many so?

6. Road Towards Financial Independence

having multiple sources of income

I worked big time on making up my emergency fund. Honestly, it happened by the end of 2017. I had zero emergency fund which was just fuelling my fear of losing projects, losing income from blog etc. So, I prioritised this in last 3 months and it already looks nice.

After reading a couple of books about financial independence in 2017, I worked on maintaining my stock portfolio as well. It’s still very small but I’ll get there. The point is I have started.

Oh! did I tell I also maintain a detailed expense sheet now? I have successfully done that for three months now. My CA would be so proud of me.

What else? I am sure I am missing a lot but these are the major things I can recall right now when it comes to 2017. What did you work on in 2017? Do we have something similar? Let me know!

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  1. Hello Manpreet Mam, I am a Hindi blogger. I saw your Booktuber channel on December 30, and subscribed to it. I am a book lover, and I like your videos. I hope that you will achieve all your goals in 2018.

  2. Manpreet its been a fairly good year for you. From getting back to home and parents, your consistency in posting a video every odd day, and ofcourse your road to financial independence.

    Wishing you another great year ahead!!


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