There’s a magic involved when you touch an excellent book. You feel the instant attraction. Sudden desire bubbles inside you. You want to hold it. You find it difficult to wait. You want to start reading it. As you flip the pages, you start drowning. It gets tough to focus on anything else. Your work suffers. Your loved ones complain. But all you want to do is just read.

logically stupid thats love book cover

Dear friend, such a good book isn’t written that often. If it’s written, it isn’t published that often. If it’s published; it isn’t put in front of you that often. Are you interested in grabbing such a book for once? If yes, then keep reading.

Let me share a secret. I wrote that opening, especially for this book. I read it and sat down to write this review. And those were the words that came to my mind. The book I am talking about is – Logically Stupid, That’s Love.

About The Book

The book comes with an attractive cover that clearly portrays the tiff between the heart and the brain. That’s the central theme of this book.

Kartik is the follower of the brain while Sahana is the companion of heart. Both meet, flirt and part away. Kartik is entirely oblivious to what happens next. His logic and his career are what he focuses on. Sahana is the die-hard romantic who just found her love in Kartik.

But how can she change the mindset of this logic and career driven guy when he’s not interested in her anymore? How can she make the heart win?

Logically Stupid, That’s Love is a love story dedicated to the 21st-century generation that doesn’t value the things that come easy in their life. Love is always at the back while career and money are the first racers. And here’s a love story weaved around this theme.

About The Author

Shikha is one of my favorite authors, who delivered one of my most favorite books of 2014He Fixed The Match She Fixed Him. Her book was very well received and is soon going to be a movie. Why not! If you’ve read that book, you would know why it deserves to be a Bollywood movie.

While Shikha has kept the main theme of this book similar to the first one ( a love story), she comes in front of the readers with a promise of it being very different than the first book. Now, whether she manages to do that or not… that’s something you can know if you continue reading the review!

Review of Logically Stupid, That’s Love


logically stupid thats love
Me with the Author of the book

What I liked about this book is the detailed plot. Without diving into it like George R. R. Martin, the author has still managed to cover every single detail that was required.

There are twists and unexpected but pleasant scenes in the book that would make the reader shriek with joy.

There are emotional scenes that come with a sense of relation. Indian audience can relate to this book so very well.

I liked how the author kept a distance from unnecessary details and put meaning to every single incident that happened in the book.

Fun loving and light scenes are put in not just to entertain the reader but also to build the characters.

There isn’t any useless jargon in the book. Only the things which drive the story and help you relate to the characters. How many books have you read which stick to that?


Dull characters are annoying. Each character of Logically Stupid, That’s Love has different colors, and the author has painted those beautifully.

You would love the existence of each character. Some are good, and some are bad. But as a reader, you would enjoy reading about all of them. Although I would have liked it better if I could totally hate the negative characters in the book but it didn’t affect my overall reading experience.

Who should read this book?

Overall, I think Logically Stupid, That’s Love is a great love story that is entirely Indian, and that would suit the Indian taste. It presents you a glimpse of how love happens in India, how your lives as lovers get affected by your career pursuits and your family’s take on it.

Pick up this book if you like reading love stories but want to experience something different and Indian. It’s a quick light read that must not be missed. You will be missing a great book if you ignore this one. I am sure you will find yourself waiting for the next book by the author once you read this. It’s so good.

My ratings: 4/5

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