Forgive me for my sharp accusations but yes, I do feel listening to other people’s advice is crap. Just like you, I grew up learning that one must act upon the advice of the wise people. Now there’s the catch. No one ever bothered to explain how to recognize wise people. Let’s keep the examples and comparisons in this conversation related to blogging; for well you’re reading a blog right now.

listening to other people's advice is crap

So, where were we? Why listening to other people’s advice is crap discussion where figuring out, who is wise and who is not, is a huge setback. Look at the blogsphere! Every second blogger is an expert or shall I say that a self proclaimed ‘expert’. Should you listen to such people’s advice?

Talk about the readers. Every reader thinks he is the expert in what works and what doesn’t. (No offense intended). Should you listen to their advice?

Let me tell you about my experience with both. Did you notice this new theme I have on my blog? Well, I took this theme without doing any research from my side because there was an experienced blogger who was helping me with this. What did I get? A stupid theme that ruined everything I built or tried to build since more than a year.

If you have been a regular reader, you would have noticed that it has become distracting to read on the site for longer time. It has become in fact a Herculean task to read long articles on this site these days. Why? Because one of my readers suggested that using one or two pictures in list posts looked kinda off and I should either use images with each point (which isn’t good for the blog for a number of reasons) or use no images at all. And hence my blog’s performance started falling even more…

Come on! This isn’t the thing with my blog. Talk about my YouTube channel. I got one hate comment telling me to stop vlogging because no one wanted to know what’s happening in my personal life. It was said that my vlogs were not useful and therefore shouldn’t be there on YouTube at all. And there I was, the girl who forgot the very reason she started vlogging and stopped making random vlogs. I don’t know about people but I feel terrible because of that ALL THE TIME.

Did you see what had been happening to me? In the process of listening to other people, following their advice, I ended up harming myself and my blog. In school, when we’re taught to follow wise people’s advice, we are never taught to figure out who is a wise person and we’re never told about what actually works in real life…

Just because they think they’re right, doesn’t mean they actually are. Even you have lived in this world and you have learnt something or other through that. Use that experience in taking your decisions instead of following other people’s advice. Trust me! I have learnt this lesson a hard way and I certainly wouldn’t want even my enemy to go through such a painful process to learn this simple thing. I hope you got the lesson and would make good use of it. Good luck.

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  1. Hi Manpreet,

    You are bang on the point. I have had my shares of learning from people. I would rather say, Listen to others and take the best out as per your liking and throw the rest.

    Happy blogging…

    • Well, if you read it carefully, I am not giving an advice. I am sharing my experience and I hope that one would get a lesson out of that experience. 😛

  2. yes u r right …education is most important but … is like your desire….keep it up….i m also a article or blog writer can you tell me hows you earn money by writing blog or article….

    • Hey rohit,
      There are several ways to earn money by writing blogs. It would be difficult to explain all of it here. I would write a complete post with thorough explanation. Hope you would be fine with a little bit of waiting.
      till then check – this is an article where I have shared a little bit of experience on how i started making money online. Would give answer specific to your question in a different post.

  3. Hii Manpreet
    I think, The feeling I get is that most people who ask for advice from others have already resolved to act as it pleases them. Of course, not everyone is like that, but I think that this characterizes more or less the majority of people out there


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