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Why would I like to spark a change? Well, I would say because I am an Indian. My country has a rich and unimaginable history and culture. My country has been a pioneer in lots of research and all the good things you have today – yoga, medical sciences, the figure upon which mathematics is based –zero (and even the book of love – kamasutra). My country was once ‘the heaven on Earth’. But now, the evils that have arisen from the human souls are weakening the roots of this country. Corruption, social evils, poverty, lack of education and malnutrition – that’s what my country is known for now. This is what I have been seeing since my birth. I, Manpreet Kaur, a 1993 born girl have read so much of good stuff about my own country in the books I read during my History lectures and when I see all those things gone, it does make me feel bad. The girl who once used to feel proud of being an Indian is now planning her future all settled in abroad. This is me.

But then I ask myself, “Am I such a coward?” The time when I used to be so proud of India calls me back and asks me to give this country the respect and standard it had before and that’s the reason why I want a change in this country. But change is a too big word for this place called India. You step out of your house to bring a change and the strong corrupt people would emerge as a wall in your efforts to bring a change. But, I have already stepped out. I am going to try in my own different way to make this country what it was before – a ‘Heaven’.

How am I going to do so? An engineering student who resides in a small city and belongs to a normal middle class family, how is this girl going to bring the change?

For me, change starts with a single person. And I have come forward to be that single person and I do call upon all such people who feel just like me. We are going to decide what’s wrong with our society and we are going to challenge the society itself to mend their ways. For the beginning, all I am going to do is to set a few rules for my own self and share them with my entire circle on my blog. The rules would keep on increasing and these rules would soon become our habits and that’s how me, a single person would be able to bring a change in myself and through that, bring a change in the people around me.

Our society needs good leaders, not politicians. And I am going to find those potential leaders and trigger them to start cleaning up this country.

This is how I am going to spark the change – by being an example of change myself.

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