Life, it’s a short word and has an extremely large meaning. However it is not as short as it seems. In fact, it’s even shorter and I am sure none of us takes it too seriously. Right? It’s so short that we don’t even get the time to think that where is our own life heading to? What is going on? What do we want from life? Are we on the right track?

lots of lemons

We just go on passing our time without realizing its importance. We take our life too lightly and then always have our excuses for it, for not doing what was required on time, for not reaching where we were expected to, for not completing what we were supposed to, for just cribbing over what the hell is going on with us and most importantly for highlighting the ‘lows’ rather than enjoying the ‘highs’.

It’s ironical how we claim to be so advanced in this tech savvy world and then don’t even know how to relish it. It seems very difficult to follow, isn’t it?

But trust me let’s just reverse the saying ’Easier said than done’ and just start adapting to it. By adapting, I do not mean adapting with the lows in our life but I mean enjoying in the highs that we encounter in our life and passing the lows with a smile on your face. We get so entangled in sorting out the things which are not going right at a particular moment, that meanwhile we completely forget to count upon the ones that are going perfectly. All we care about is what is wrong and completely ignore the right things which could have made us happy in those ‘sad’ moments.

 Undoubtedly, experiences do play a very essential role when I say that one should start enjoying life and start living it rather than just surviving, but I am sure that all of us have the credibility to strike off this factor and take life as it comes.  And one should always be open to all kinds of exposures, be willing to explore, be able to create something new, make mistakes and then face them with his head held high.

Mistakes, they are just so likely to happen in the process of what we call ‘life’, but believe me without them the process won’t be worthwhile and the journey won’t be as beautiful as it should have been. They are bound to happen especially when you are at your lows, and that is how one is likely to learn from them. Believe me, you can also start learning from your mistakes and make yourself better.

What is required is just to go with the flow and take it with a smile and say to yourself that ‘This too shall pass’.

It’s so rightly said that; ‘They never said it will be easy, but it would be worth it’. Enjoy your good and bad experiences, accept your mistakes and live life to the fullest so as to make sure that ‘When Life brings you lemons you bring out the tequila’ 😉


                                                   MAHIMA SAHI

 Born and brought up in Chandigarh. Ambition,Perfection,Determination are what define me. An Undergrad, studying Psychology majors,fond of connecting to hearts via write-ups.It takes me a step ahead to my ultimate goal.
Mahima has her own blog where she talks about ‘Dreams’.

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  1. Yeah…life is like a roller coaster…it depends on us…how we see it. Whether we enjoy our rides or get scared. Life is full of ups nd downs… bt as it is said dat “night is followed by day and after winter comes spring”
    So one should never loose hope and face all challenges in life courageously and have an optimistic view.


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