Josh is a talented professional working in a leading bank. His knack for storytelling in his business presentations has made me an important resource for his boss. But he has had a traumatic past, that has come to haunt not only his professional life but also his personal life, with his beautiful wife Susan. 

Now that his past trauma is threatening his present, what will he do? Will he be able to deal with this and come out of this stronger or succumb to the pressure? That’s what the latest Tomson Robert book – Let Love Take Over is about. 

Tomson Robert is himself a highly successful corporate leader, who has written 2 books before this. His debut novel, Alumni of the Year, was one of the top favorites of the year 2019 and I’m so glad to be working with him again to present you this review.

So, now you already know what the basic storyline of Let Love Take Over is about. 

Let’s dive into the essential book knowledge you need to decide whether this book is good for you or not. 

Let Love Take Over is a short contemporary fiction novel, and like Alumni of the year, the author has used his experience with the corporate sector to bring a strong relatable factor to his book. 

The book has a simple plot, where Joshua is juggling between his personal and professional life. On the professional front, he has a soul-sucking boss that he struggles to stand up to. His personal life is in shambles because of what he has become due to his past. 

There’s Josh and his family. His parents and his grandfather play an important role in his family. Josh’s wife Susan and his brother in law. Josh has his boss and his colleagues. One of them, Kavitha, is also a really good friend of Josh. 

Another major character, I would say, in the story is David and Goliath. What role that plays in the story is something you will have to find out yourself, if you want to know. 

The book’s writing style is definitely something interesting. It’s not like a regular novel. Sentences are short and the whole story is very to-the-point. It’s like you’re sitting with Josh some day and hearing his story, but you’ve only got an hour to two to listen. 

So, I’m thinking this is really a suitable book for busy corporate professionals who are not regular readers. They can just pick this book at an airport, and read through it in one short journey. Will they enjoy it? Well, it’s relatable and all the corporate politics and the usual discussions just seem like something you’ll discuss with a friend. 

Another reason why you may enjoy it is because even though the book – Let Love Take Over is short & concise, the author’s storytelling is on point. The way he has dealt with the characters, their storylines, their arcs – all of it has been done so well. It’s just amazing how he can achieve this much in a story that short, and deliver such a relatable read in so less words.

Hence, my overall opinion of this book is that while a reader who loves to dive into long novels may want to steer clear of this book, it’s exactly what its target audience i.e. young professionals looking for a quick relatable & light-hearted read wants. Going by that, I would give it 4/5 stars and would definitely recommend it to people working in corporate sector looking for a nice contemporary fiction. 

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