Working gives you a lot of experiences and those experiences really need to be shared and that’s why I have shared this video about the 5 Lessons if you want to start a blog or a YouTube channel that I have learned from my experience while working.

If you already have started blogging then to know more about different topics read my articles on blogging here.

So, I made this video on youtube. If you prefer reading instead of watching this video, you can also read the complete post here.

Today’s video is about 5 lessons that I have learned while covering Parivartan 2k14.

Parivartan 2k14 is an annual event that happens in my college every year in the month of November. This event was way back in 2014 when I was in college and I got the opportunity to cover for its promotion through my blog and my youtube channel.

Well, there was another event called greenathon that happened in the city beautiful Chandigarh in the same year and I made a fairly well video covering that event. If you haven’t checked that video yet, the link is here.

In this post, I am going to talk about 5 lessons that I learned while covering the event Parivartan 2k14 since that’s how I got to start a blog and grow my YouTube channel.

start a blog

So, if you’re someone who is into promotion and marketing or blogging or YouTubing, this would be very helpful for you. So, let’s begin with it.

Lessons For Serious Bloggers And Youtubers

1. Watermark your images and videos

Not everyone is going to give you credit for the work you do. Most of the people think that things like photography and making videos is too simple to be considered as ‘work’.

watermark images when starting a blog

Only people like us who put in so much hard work in making the content shareworthy know what an effort goes into creating images and videos. So, you should never take the risk. Make sure you always watermark your images and videos. Never forget that.

2. Use your business card

During that event, my college chairman came to me and asked about my website and all I could say was, ‘I have a blog’.  ‘I have a blog’. ‘Yes, I have a blog’. And it was so naive of me.

have business cards for your new blog

Even when I had my business card, at that point of time, I didn’t bring that card out and made the impression, you know. If you are very serious about blogging or vlogging, you must have your business cards and make sure you use them wherever possible.

I was stupid to lose that opportunity that came to me by itself, but you should never do that. Use your business cards wherever and whenever possible.

3. Mark your presence on social media

If you’re covering an event for a company or an organization, make sure you give their social media managers the links to your social media profiles.

social media for a new blog

I was very reluctant in asking the social media managers of the event to mention my social media profile links while sharing my videos and blog posts. But that shouldn’t happen to you. Even if you fear that there would be a no from their side, give it a try.

There’s always the possibility of a yes. And in this case, there should be a yes from their side.

4. Not everything that is bad is bad 

So, I actually made two videos for the event. The first one had to be shot in my college. So,  I and my friend went there and spent quite a lot of time over there and we didn’t even have a 30-second clip that was good enough to share.  

content creation for a new blog

I was really upset and decided to say ‘No’ for that event. But then my friend who is the so-called creative director of Finix Post forbade me to say no.

He said we would try it again and the next day, we had an awesome video posted on this youtube channel named what does parivartan mean to CGCians.

So, the lesson is if something looks bad initially, don’t get disheartened. Try to make it good and it does become good in the end

5. Not Everyone knows about YouTubing

Yep, billions of people watch youtube videos every day but that doesn’t mean that they would know how to make the videos. Talking to a camera is really tough and not everyone can do it.

start a youtube channel blog

So,  if in an event, you have to cover some random people, be patient with them. They might not say or do what you think should be done for a good video. Tell them. You need to tell them.

Tell them politely, teach them and then use them to make an awesome video. 😉

So, these were 5 lessons I learned from covering this event that helped me to start a blog. And you know what I learn a new lesson every single day from the things I do and I do love to share those lessons with you.

So, if you want me to keep sharing the things I learn from my life experiences and the ones that can help you out in some way; make sure you subscribe to my daily vlogging channel and share this post. That gives me a lot of inspiration and fills my heart with a lot of love for you.

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  1. Hi Manpreet,
    It’s really good to be here again after a bit gap.
    Nice to know a bit more about these points on this subject
    Though i never created any youtube video, this information is wonderful.
    The watermark in pics in my opinion it will reduce the show of the picture
    and of course it is good to have for the safety side.
    The point you mentioned about business card is a good idea to spread the word.
    I never thought of it.
    Thanks for sharing these valuable points in this post. the video speaks volume
    you presented it well
    thanks for sharing
    have a wonderful and profitable weekend 🙂
    ~ Philip

    • Hello Philip,
      I agree with your point regarding the watermark but if you place it carefully in the image, it doesn’t create such issues.
      Business cards.. try if you are looking for new business cards. I got mine from them. Amazing designs 🙂
      And I am glad that you liked the video. Thank you 🙂


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