I lost 3.5 kgs in 6 days. This is my 7th month of going to the gym, and it’s the first time that I went to the gym for a week. It will be even more astounding if I continue another week for even though I paid for 6 months of gym membership, I went only for about 2 months (if you calculate my attendance in the time).

It was a first. Gymming regularly for a week is something I have never done before. And I have a lot of learnings and things to share with you.

Note: Excuse me if I say one week when I truly went to the gym for 6 days – Monday to Saturday. I consider Sunday as a well-earned rest day and a big part of my gymming schedule.


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  1. One week really makes a difference

I have always heard stories about ‘if you do this for 3 months and blah blah months, you will see a difference’. To be honest, that always brought down my confidence. I always wanted the proof. I cannot believe something is working unless I see the proof. Waiting for 3 months to see it working was too much for me.

This time, every day I went, I could see my weight decreasing. I am not obsessed with weight loss for my ultimate goal is to lose fat. But that truly boosted my confidence.

Although a large credit of my results goes to the Keto Diet, without gymming regularly, the diet wouldn’t have worked for me. No weight loss regime works for anybody unless they have a combination of diet, exercise and physical activity in their lives.

So, all those people who think they can achieve nothing in one week, think again! If you have the right combination of planned diet that works for your body, exercise schedule, and physical activity, here’s what you can see in one week – your back fat decreases, you have tiny muscles slightly visible on your flabby arms, your lat muscle gets in shape, your flabby tummy gets a bit smaller, your thick body fat becomes soft and your face looks a bit thinner.

All those changes are very minor but they’re there. They boost my confidence. They keep me going.

2. You’ll have plenty of dumb people trying to bring you down

It is going to happen if you do your weight loss journey publicly. Keep it a secret even from your parents or here’s what will happen.

People will start commenting about your diet. Some of the opinions I could gather were – the normal daal roti diet is the best to lose weight, low carbs diet is the best, keto diet (replace it with whatever diet you’re having) is bad.

Were these opinions based on some facts? Certainly not. How else would you explain the situation where a “fitness enthusiast” couldn’t explain how keto diet caused hair loss when I cross-questioned? Guess what! After further research, I found out that Keto makes your hair better. It certainly made my hair silkier and reduced the hair fall (I would have never noticed if the idea wasn’t put into my mind on day 1).

People will claim to be gym trainers and tell you how your diet is pathetic. They will tell you how walking 3 hours a day for 20 days will help you lose weight and pull off any shit like that to dissuade you.

For the claim of being an expert, I will quote a famous fitness expert of India – Rujuta Diwekar – your gym trainer isn’t qualified to give you a diet plan just like your nutritionist isn’t qualified to give you your exercise schedule. So, most of these people are just making a fool out of you by suggesting you stupid stuff that never makes you lose weight.

What I feel about all these experiences I faced in one week is that people are always jealous of your success. Out of their own insecurities and jealousy, they try to dissuade you from the right path more strongly than ever. You need to learn to ignore them.

3. There will be plenty of support

I don’t believe the people who say that nobody supported them in their journey. Most of the times, you’re putting hopes on the wrong people. If you’re able to connect with right kind of people who truly think of your interests, you’ll never have the dearth of supporting shoulders.

I had been struggling with weight loss. I could never do gymming regularly. Sticking to a diet that would work for me was a big challenge. All I did in a day was sit on my computer and type.

Then I announced this to my Vlog subscribers and boom! I had so many people coming up for my support, telling me how I had to do it, telling me that I could do it and asking me to stay strong when the strongest cravings hit.

Such kind of support truly helps. Find it. If you don’t have it right now, create it, just like I did.

4. Each body responds differently to any kind of diet

It’s a bit long story. I have been trying to lose weight for a LONG time. I tried high protein and low carb diet first (after my futile attempts of trying to lose weight just with gymming and without a proper diet plan). It worked amazingly for my friends but didn’t make my weight budge at all.

This time, I tried the Keto diet. It truly worked for me because I had realized high carbs and high protein was hindering my weight loss. But would it work for you? It totally depends on.

Since day 3, people have been asking me about my diet plan. I just don’t want to give them. Is it because I don’t want them to lose weight? Hell no! It’s because their body is going to react differently to the diet. So, what may be enough nutrition for me for a day, maybe too much or too less for them.

There’s no shortcut to fitness. You have to study, analyze and improve. So, all those people who want my diet plan can actually see it if they put in some efforts but more importantly, need to understand that it may not work for them. They have to understand the science behind the diet plan and then make their own rather than be a copycat. If you want to start reading about it, hit bodybuilding.com.

Gymming regularly

5. You have to continue to have real progress

Losing 3.5 kgs in 6 days is good, but it doesn’t meet my weight loss goal. Even if it did, I would have continued a healthy regime for 6 months at least. By then, I am hoping I will get addicted to fitness and will still keep doing it without having to make any effort.

Why will I still continue making efforts towards weight loss even when I reach my desired number? It’s because the diet I have taken up needs maintenance time. Once I lose all the weight, I will need to maintain it.

Haven’t we all heard of stories how somebody lost so many kilos in a few months and had an amazing transformation only to get fat again? It happens because they forget the maintenance part. I don’t want to be fat and unhealthy again. So, I am not letting myself forget the maintenance part.

Those are all the things I learned by gymming regularly and having a good diet. Did it help answer some queries in your head about fitness?

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  1. Hello Manpreet,

    Well it really needs lot of dedication and hard work while we start doing exercises. I think you shouldn’t stop in between and work hard consistently to achieve your goals.


  2. Hi,

    I’m trying really hard to achieve my fitness goals and taking good care of diet and exercise. I guess results are pretty obvious but they tend to get very slow. So till then never loose patience.


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