I love South Indian Food but alas! I never really found South Indian Food in Chandigarh that would make my taste buds dance. After spending 4 years in Chandigarh, I started feeling that Chandigarh just doesn’t serve South Indian taste buds. Why should it? It is a north Indian city and obviously should specialize in North Indian Cuisine.

karthik south indian food in chandigarh

Of course, I am writing this because someone proved me wrong and I love it when someone/something breaks my perception. So, a day before, I happened to visit sector 47 Chandigarh for some work purpose and noticed this really busy restaurant – Karthik.

I didn’t have breakfast so by 2 P.M. I was really hungry. Hence I decided to try out this restaurant. Note we were two people. I don’t want any comments on my ever increasing fat. I didn’t eat that much. I just tasted and here’s what I found out.


We ordered four things:

Idli Sambhar – Rs. 35

Vada Sambhar – Rs. 40

Butter Onion Paneer Dosa – Rs.  105

Rava Paneer Dosa – Rs. 95

All were served with sambhar and coconut chutney. If I had to describe my experience in one line, I would say – “I savoured everything I ordered”. I just don’t like eating South Indian Food from restaurants. I prefer home cooked South Indian Food. But this was the only time I actually enjoyed eating South Indian Food in Chandigarh.

Idli and Vada were really good. Idli was not so soft but taste wise, it was delicious. Coconut chutney had a bit less flavour but I loved it the way it was. Sambhar had a little less veggies but the taste wasn’t compromised at all.

Both the dosa were good. Both were really heavy. You must have a really big tummy to eat both of them.  I couldn’t even eat one whole thing.

My Ratings: For taste, I would give it an overall 4.5/5. Minus .5 because I hope to experience even a better taste.

Presentation & Service Monitor

Karthik is a normal family restaurant and from the look of it, I didn’t expect exceptional presentation. The presentation was okay. There was basically nothing which would actually add up some points for the presentation. The food was served in steel plates. No extra efforts were made to make it look good. Maybe they think they don’t need to focus on presentation when they have such a good taste (they’re right).

The service was quick. That’s it. Nothing much to say about service either. The food was served on the table and the waiters were just a signal away, which is good for usually you have to shout for waiters in some places in Chandigarh to get some attention or place the order.

My Ratings: 3/5

Ambience Monitor

The seating arrangement of the place is very simple just like a dhaba or a simple Indian restaurant. Well, I didn’t even feel like looking around the place due to the very reason.

The place is noisy with lot of hustle and bustle. If you’re a person who likes to be at such places you would like it. I personally like to eat in solace (because of my weird style of eating). So, I didn’t find it comfortable enough in the place.

My Ratings: 2/5

Value For Money

Though the place has nothing impressive to say when it comes to presentation of food and ambience, the place would make you fall in love with it. Why? Because of the scrumptious food they serve.

The prices are quite reasonable and the quantity of food is pretty good. So, it is value for money and a place you should definitely check if you’re looking for authentic south Indian Food in Chandigarh. There was seriously not even a hint of Punjabi touch in the food. Awesome!

Restaurant Address: Karthik, SCO 50, Sector 47 D, Chandigarh, Punjab

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