I’ve failed at finding my passion. I’ve tried to get a job but I couldn’t. I want to pursue my passion but I don’t know what it is. What should I do?

As much as I want to ponder over the fact why people are so crazy about finding their passion, I do understand where this thing comes from. You have seen those movies, tv series, read those books and heard those people who talk about it. You never realize how they never tell you the whole story and make you believe in this half story that ruins your life – the story of quitting everything and following your passion.

Anyway, I am here to discuss what you can do if you’re struggling with the decision of doing a job vs finding your passion. What should you do?

Doing a job vs Finding your passion?

Should you be Finding Your Passion?

A couple of years back, I wrote a post about whether discovering your passion is important or not. When I read it back, I see my emphasis on talking about my passions. I knew they were my passions because I did those things.

But imagine the situation when I would have tried to find my passion! Would I even end up doing those things which I, now, consider as my passion? 99% chances are I wouldn’t.

The point is unless you’re trying new things and exposing yourself to new experiences, you cannot find anything. You cannot find what you love doing if you’re not doing anything. Do you get my point?

Finding your passion shouldn’t be a task you do once. It’s a lifelong task and it’s a task that happens in the backstage. On the front, you do the things that you need to do, you do new things just to try out something new and you just try to live your life happily.

That’s when the streak of passion hits you. It can never be found any other way.

So, please, for your own sake, stop obsessing about finding your passion. If you already have a passion, pursue it (or read this post if you’re wondering how to pursue your passion). If not, remove this word ‘passion’ from your vocabulary and start doing things that really matter,

Finding A Job

Every second person who talks about finding your passion is the one who, somehow, isn’t able to find a job.

It’s easy. Isn’t it? To put blame on somebody else or to call the grapes sour? It’s pathetic too.

If you cannot find a job doesn’t mean you have to tag yourself with this story that you cannot find your passion and that’s why you’re so lost. You’re lost because you’re being a stupid and dumb person. You chose this miserable life of excuses over a life full of new experiences and financial independence.

Yes, your parents and friends may buy that story but guess what! I have used the same story at a time to convince people. It doesn’t work for deep down you know you’re making a fool of yourself and ruining your own life.

So, suit up and go find a job. Figure out what’s the problem. Why could you not find a job until now? Don’t just stop there. Find the solution to the problem. Write down all the possible solutions (finding your passion isn’t one of them) and start bringing them to action one by one.

Also, stop expecting to get a job offer from the top MNC when you cannot even get a local company to give you a job. Yes, even that’s an excuse. I am not asking you settle for less but could you not climb the stairs one by one rather than trying to be Wonder woman and make a big jump to the top? You can and you should. Because you’re not born as a god. Are you?

That’s it. I hope it puts some sense in your mind. I hate the idea of people wasting the precious years of their life with this illusion of finding your passion. You cannot find it by just finding it. It comes to you in the most unexpected situations and your task must be to work in such situations. Get a job. Pick up some hobbies. Talk to people. Meet new people. Read books. Do it all until you find your passion!

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  1. Well said, Manpreet. I have been following your booktube channel and vlogs of late and I must say that you come across as a genuine person.

    It is right that doing nothing productive and hoping to find a passion is the dumbest way to waste valuable time.

  2. “Every second person who talks about finding your passion is the one who, somehow, isn’t able to find a job” well said… Its True but thats may be because he doesn’t meet up the skills for the job. Or the system is so messed up to get him in. That’s not the individuals fault.

    • Hello Abhinav
      I agree with you completely but I, also, strongly feel that nowadays people blame everything on the system or something else just for making it work as an acceptable excuse. If you don’t have the skills, get them. If you can’t clear an interview, give another one. Everybody faces failures in their lives. Just because you failed once, doesn’t mean you have to change the course of your life to avoid embarrassment.
      What do you say?


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