Everyday people land up on this blog trying to find an answer to this question – job or M Tech? To stop them from getting disappointed again and again, I decided to try and respond to this issue.

job or m tech

Before I begin, let me be clear that I am no career counsellor. I am a person who finally managed to complete her B.Tech degree with more than 80% marks, which managed to get five job offers and is now working on her dream job (I am a blogger and social media marketeer).

I also think about going for higher studies. I also thought about doing a job, and I can tell you on what basis I decided whether I should go for job or M Tech. Maybe this can help!

  1. Think about your financial condition

Believe it or not, your financial situation can be the source of a lot of stress. It must be the first thing you should consider while trying to make this decision. If your financial condition isn’t sound enough, you will just be putting yourself through a great burden, and that might adversely affect your performance.

I belong to an average middle-class family. Our financial situation was acceptable. I could have gone for higher studies, but that would have made my family squeeze their pockets and lead them to put in extra efforts to arrange the funds for me. Moreover, it would have been a significant hit to my ego if I had still been dependent on parents’ money after I was done with my graduation. So, I went for the first option.

Think about it! Does your family have enough money to support you for 3-4 more years? Consider one year for preparation and two years for your post-graduation. And then one year for finding your dream job. Can you afford all that without putting yourself through excessive stress? If yes, add a point to the M-Tech part. (We’re going to make this as a game and then see which one wins in your case).

  1. Think about your interests

Did you love doing B.Tech? Did you love all those engineering concepts and want to read more about them?

If you ask me, I just felt irritated at all those subjects by the end of my degree. The university played a large part, but I knew I had lost my interest in the subjects I studied for four years. I am a kind of person who can study and achieve good marks in anything she studies (thanks to my understanding and memorizing power). I could’ve easily finished up my post graduation, but that would have meant forcing myself to study subjects I didn’t like once again.

Think of it! Would you happily study all the subjects you studied for four years in even more detail? Would you willingly join a company as an engineer than anything else? If yes, then add one point to M Tech.

  1. Change of career

A lot of you might be confused between two career options – MBA and M Tech (the two favorite kids of India. 😛 )

So, which one should you choose MBA or M Tech? Here two things can help you decide. One is your interest. Talk to some MBAs and ask about their job profiles. Do they like it? Do you get fascinated by what they say? Then talk to some M Techs. Ask about their job profiles. Which job profile excites you more?

Another thing that makes a difference here is the kind of financial future these choices promise. What I feel is both offer similar kind of financial future. The only thing that makes a difference is the value of your degree. A degree from IIT or IIM would certainly promise better future than a degree from a college under a private university.

  1. The ‘experience’ thing

A lot of people suggest that you should opt for a job after B.Tech. Because it provides you on-site experience. It’s partly right. You get to know what exactly happens in the companies. What exactly engineers in your field do? You get the real picture.

But for me, the picture isn’t as important as this. You need to analyze your state of mind and ask yourself if you can put in the significant amount of hard work for another four years. Preparing for entrance exams, studying hard for the degree and getting a job – do you feel you’re ready for that? If yes, go for M Tech else for a job.

  1. What rank did you get in the entrance exam

For this, I would suppose that you’ve already sat in the entrance exam and have your result in your hand. From my personal experience, I would suggest that you go for the degree only if you’re getting a seat in a good college. Most of the private colleges are frauds. Their placement statistics are nothing but manipulated figures to lure you to take admission. Do your research well. It would be better to drop for a year than taking admission in a fraud college whose degree would fetch money as less as a 12th pass earns.

To sum it up, I can say that your choice between Job or M Tech depends on your financial situation, your interests, your current state of mind and your rankings. I hope this post will help clear your thoughts and make an informed decision. You still need to do some research as I suggested in the post. I think Quora is the best place to get started with that as there are real people genuinely trying to help you on that questions and answer site. It’s fun and informative.

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  1. Thanks for the article mam. I wanted to know is it ok after btech, to keep an year exclusively for Gate and other entrance exams, because I’m worried whether it will affect my future.
    PS: I’m interested in entering the academia, as a professor.

  2. hi manpreet,
    i have completed my engineering in 2013 and then started a job in a steel company as marketing engineer.i did my job till 3yrs. and rite now m jobless. plz suggest which course i should go for.


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