What has happened to Rock Music?

There cannot be a better explanation of the subject of this particular blog post than the title itself. I have been meaning to start blogging for a long time now. But the only thing that was holding me back was ‘the topic’. What is that one thing that I really want to talk about or what is that one thing that makes me most intimidated while talking about it? It is the fact that rock music has changed to such an extent that people can’t recognize it anymore.

rock music

I can bet that any person who claims to love rock music, doesn’t have actual rock music on their playlist. Not these days at least. The kind of songs that you’d rather find on their phones or I-pods are EDM, Dub-step or Pop music. And it’s not entirely their fault for it’s the most trending music genre for this generation.

Now, being a rock music lover doesn’t gives me any authority to mock any other genre of music. But gone are the days of Jimi Hendrix or Kurt Cobain or David Bowie. Now all that remains of them are podcasts and fan made videos of their songs on websites like YouTube, and Sound cloud. Search any of these artist’s videos on YouTube and read the comments. All you’d find are the nostalgic comments of people who either lived through those days or just miss the music that existed.

For those who do not know much about rock music, it’ll give you a rough idea when I tell you that teenage Pop-stars are being covered in the Rolling Stone magazines which was once criticized by referring it’s list of “99  greatest songs of all time” as an example of “unrepentant rockist fogeyism”.


The most successful  ROCK BANDS (Commercially speaking) today do not sound what Nirvana or Metallica or Guns & Roses used to sound like back in the days, when most of us weren’t even born. Yet we have to respect them for the hits they have created (accepted by the same fan base that laments the earlier rock music, by the way). I repeat, we HAVE TO.

Any true rock fan’s most cliché, typical, and honest behavior is lamenting about the existence of true rock and its’ quality, and how it has degraded over the year. Rock music has undergone many changes over its’ lifetime. From Soft Rock to Hard Rock to Heavy Metal to Christian Rock (very short lived). And further from Heavy Metal to Punk Rock to Alternative and Nu metal. And even though these changes occurred: rock music moving from one phase to another, it did not occur in any evolutionary way. These changed occurred due to denials and rejections of the existing form of rock music.

Although I do understand what most of the band have been trying to accomplish these days: increase their fan base. And most of it has been because of the commercialization of their art i.e. the music that they create, mostly forced upon them by their own record labels. The most prominent example that I can think of is the documentary “ARTIFACT” created by the band “Thirty Seconds To Mars” depicting the struggle against their record label EMI.

I don’t really understand the reason why rock music has changed in a direction, I guess no one intended it to. Open up to the world of internet and you’d find tons of people who’d be saying that rock music isn’t what it used to be. According to them rock music has lost its commanding influence over the music industry as it had back in 70s, 80s, and 90s. You’d know so, if you have happened to watch a movie named “Rock of Ages”. It aptly describes the one thing that I was looking for in the movie: How crazy people actually were about rock music during those days.

Even though many bands have tried to enumerate their own style of playing and tried mixing various formats of music in one album which is completely acceptable. Experimenting with the kind of music that one makes is completely fine. The problem begins when the bands and their record labels start categorizing them as “Intense Rock Album” just to achieve more sales of albums.

One such example of an experimental album is “A Thousand Suns” by “Linkin Park” which is one of the most lyrically sound album I have heard till date. But sorry Warner Bros. Records. I won’t go on calling it a rock album. Never mind, how great I find the album to be, it is really not the correct way to publicize it as the rock album of the decade when it does not contain even a single pure rock music based song. Inappropriate terming of an album and its music genre is one of the reason why Rock Music has lost its fan base and popularity.

What else can we say when 2012’s best rock album given out by the “Fall Out Boy” was named “SAVE ROCK AND ROLL”. This is enough to tell you that this epidemic is no myth.
All I can hope is that there is still something of a resemblance left in Rock Music for its hardcore fans, who still want and possibly deserve the music that has been with them from such a long time.


Name: Abhishek Sehrawat

Pursuing B.Tech/ IT from Chandigarh Engineering College.

I was born and brought up in Delhi. I am a huge music buff. Most of my time I am exploring new artists and music. Another pass-time is to play basketball. Messing around with Computer hardware and software is another hobby.

My main reason to start blogging is to connect and communicate with new people and to hone my individual skills as well.

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  1. Rock will never really truly die out.most bands now will never sound like the bands in the 70’s or 80’s, they have found new sounds (Punk rock, soft rock, alternative, country rock, etc.) It seems like rap, hip hop, and pop is taking over, maybe, but I know Rock Music lives! I
    initially, even i also didn’t like the rock music at all..but when i started to listen the rock band it’s been my fav…
    Keep rocking /m

    • I never said that i don’t like the rock music that is present now, or that it’ll die out any time soon!
      it’s just that there have been changes and there are lots of people who’d say that the earlier versions were better! even i listen to a lot of bands of present and i like them a lot too. they’re just not what initially rock music stated out as!
      that’s the underlined point. i don’t care if rap or hip-hop or whatever takes over the commercial market. this particular form of music remains in millions of people’s heart and will continue to.
      the rest is up to an individual to decide whether he/she likes a form of music or not.

      • bro i agree what u said but i’m just trying to say that I have introduced Rock to some people, some say it blows, annoying, loud.I disagree with all the comments…rock music is very much alive..it was my perception

  2. Rock will never really truly die out.most bands now will never sound like the bands in the 70’s or 80’s, they have found new sounds (Punk rock, soft rock, alternative, country rock, etc.) It seems like rap, hip hop, and pop is taking over, maybe, but I know Rock Music lives!
    initially, even i didn’t like the rock music at all…but when i started to listen it…it’s been my fav..

    Keep rocking /m

  3. This is the most accurate article one can describe for the present rock scene. I completely agree.. Nowadays bands are more into commercial business than the actual music itself. The use of electronic melodies continue to ruin the actual taste of rock music. And that’s why we call it alternative rock. But I’m sure actual rock fans will continue to love rock the way it was. Being a huge rock fan I am happy to see people like you who still talk about it. And I’m glad you brought this up through this article.. The rock scene nowadays is not the same as it was before due to various reasons. New generation and so new taste.. Moreover technology puts a huge impact.. Back in those days actual people made music by jamming hours until they get a badass sound.. Nowadays people use garage band to sound good.. Huge difference.. But believe me there are still many people out their who believe in the legacy of the rock music. Being a guitarist myself I hardly find people who shares a same taste of music. It’s sad sometimes but today after reading this I’m so happy to see people like you sharing the same views.. I’m gonna share this to all my socials as it is worth sharing!! God bless you bro. Long live Rock and Roll m/


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