What is your passion? What is that one thing that can make you leave every other thing? What is that one thing that you want to do with your life?

Public Speaking by Barack Hussein Obama

The Dilemma

I have been asked this question again and again and I have had number of answers for this question like public speaking, writing and so on. But today, when I was asked this question I just couldn’t answer even when I did have one thing in my mind – vlogging.

That was when my mind pondered over this – Is discovering your passion so important?

Yes, I am the girl who feels pity over people who don’t have any kind of dream, who are living a simple life which bounds them to spend their days monotonously and which puts restrictions on them to do what they love. In fact, those people don’t even discover what they love. And you know why this happens? Because they never try new things. And also they don’t have a passion.

Yes, I do not have ‘that one thing’ but then look at the things which I have tagged as ‘my passions’. Public speaking – I know I love it because I do it. Blogging – I know I love it because I do it. Vlogging – I know I love it because I do it. Everything that I have called as my ‘passion’ are the ones which I have tried out in my life. And even now, I love doing all three of them. In fact, I want to keep doing and excel at all three of them. They make me happy. And who knows, in few days, I would have another guest joining the list.

But the question remains: Is discovering your passion so important? If we look closely, I do not have that ‘one thing’ that ticks me. Does that mean I am living a passionless and goalless life? Does that mean I am bound to live an unhappy and unsatisfied life? Does that mean I am the part of the people who I feel pity on?

What if I am yet to discover my passion? But, oh my god, I spent four years getting a stupid engineering degree for that allowed me time to discover my passion. And now when I have had ‘wasted’ those four years, I am still nowhere? According to me, I had invested my four years in discovering my passion. But where is the result? I am still juggling with three balls in my hands and who knows tomorrow I would have one more?

Is discovering your passion so important?

People say a life without passion is a body without a heart. Do you agree to this? If you have discovered your passion, I bet you do. But if you haven’t done that yet, you might be writing a post like this on your diary or on your blog. And you know what, if you’re the second kind of person, every time you’re asked this question: ‘What is your passion’, you feel pain. For you belong to a category of people who do believe in having a dream and having a passion but who haven’t been able to bring this colourful moment in their life – the joy of discovering your passion.

Now, many won’t agree to what I would say but this is what I believe. Discovering your passion isn’t important. The journey is important. The journey to discover your passion is important. You don’t really need that ‘one thing’. You can live your life happily while doing a number of things that make you happy. You can do more than one thing with the same zeal as the people who have discovered their ‘one’ passion put in their work. You can have more than one passion. And if you haven’t found it yet, enjoy the journey.

Because sometimes, the journey to discover your passion is better than pursuing that one thing that you call your ‘passion’.

Many won’t agree to me. Many would think I have gone mad. Many would say this is the lost person in me that is talking. But you know what this is what I believe. I don’t think discovering your passion is so important. There are few things more important than your passion – living, trying out new things and being happy with the people you love.

Tell me if you agree? Tell me what you feel about passion. Do you think this is just an overrated word that does nothing more than making people like us feel inferior? Do you think you can live happily without a passion but doing things you love? Oh wait! Isn’t that what a passion is?

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  1. ..you discover,rediscover yourself while on the journey to your passion and you tend to enjoy the journey..the road to that destination might be very long and harrowing but we learn a lot while on the journey..we make mistakes..we make more mistakes..it teaches us a lot..we get polished..but the hope that we ll reach our destination keeps us going and makes the journey worthwhile..that kind of struggle is sweet..
    ..i also write..and writing is my passion..i don’t know where it ll take me..or where i ll land up in the coming years..but we write,write n write..enjoying the journey..the destination God will show us someday.. 🙂
    ..loved your post..keep writing..enjoy ur journey.. 🙂

  2. Manpreet superb post about discovering passion. You have written it perfectly. It is the journey which is more important. I left something very important because I was interested more in writing and blogging. Many people in their life fail to find what they’re passionate about, but its our luck that we have already got blogging as our passion. My journey for discovering this passion has teached me a lot and made me a better person.

  3. Thank you Tuhin. I agree that one should not waste time in day dreaming and stuff. And trust me, I have seen a number of youngsters doing that just because they think they are trying to find their passion. Come on, you will never find out what you love to do unless you actually start doing something. Right?

    And I really hope people keep liking my blogs O:) 😛


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