Are you working on gaining financial freedom and are looking for some good investment options? Are you considering to invest in real-estate? Investing in real-estate is the favourite option of the Rich Dad Poor Dad writer Robert Kiyosaki. For a millions of others as well, real-estate is the best investment option. If you think the same, you need to think like SmartOwner.

What is SmartOwner?

invest in real-estate

SmartOwner is one of the leading real estate marketplaces in India and they have a lot to offer in terms of safety, security, and ease of investment. But before I tell you more about, let’s talk about why the best investments in real estate require an expert!

Problems Faced By People Wanting To Invest in Real Estate

I, being someone who finds it tough to even begin her real estate investment portfolio, have talked to several other people and have tried to list down the problems faced by people who want to invest in real-estate.

invest in real-estate

  1. Lack Of Knowledge in Sealing The Land Deals: For those of us, who haven’t done it before and who have no support from their parents or mentors, it’s a humungous and intimidating task to even think of such a large investment. The documentation and the legalities make the whole process seem very complicated.
  2. The Fright Of  Volatile Investments: Many people consider Real Estate and the always loss-making F.D.s (due to inflation) as our only investment options. Afraid of putting their money in a potentially risky investment, they opt for FDs and miss out on quality returns.
  3. Identifying the Properties: Real-estate investments are all about picking the right property at the right time. But who has the time to go for location hunting and then verifying it until everything checks out? We certainly need assistance so that we can work on making money and somebody else can find what properties would be worth investing into.

Those are the most common problems faced by people wanting to invest in Real Estate.

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Is SmartOwner the solution to these problems?

Well, I haven’t tried it as I haven’t begun investing in real-estate yet; but they certainly seem like a great option. They  offer lots of investments in India to clients based all around the world.

With clients in 43 countries and over 500 cities, and a substantial part of the company recruited from abroad, they’re truly gaining the edge as a global company.

They’re changing the way real estate investments can happen by negotiating deals with major developers at deep discounts and passing these discounts on to investors. By doing so, they remove the hassle of dealing with the developers to invest in a property.

Moreover, they’re highly specific about the properties they work on so that their clients get great returns on secure investments. They ensure optimum due-diligence for legal, project specific and financial aspects of the task in hand, thereby reducing the risks and ensuring high returns.

You can find more about SmartOwner by checking the real estate properties they’re currently working on by following the link. Tell me what are your thoughts about such a revolutionary way to invest in real-estate? Do you think it’s worth it? Have you tried it? What’s your experience?

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  1. Investing in Real estate can be very scary but also fruitful. I haven’t started investing in real estate but i’ve certainly heard well of SmartOwner. Definitely worth looking into if you’re thinking about investing in Real Estate.

  2. Thank you very much for post the article. Really, it’s very good. I learnt a lot about this. I’ll try to apply your ideas and tips. It regarded hear a portion of the particulars of your exploration.


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