Are you an engineer who wants to land his dream job? Are you worried about how to make your resume stand out during your campus placements? Are you looking for experiencing the world and learn by travelling across the world and being paid for it?

intern abroad this summer

Aniket Singh, an alumnus of IIT Madras and currently working for Apple in Cupertino, California, has poured it all – his experience on how he got two foreign internships and how it helped him land his dream job in the book Intern Abroad This Summer.

The non-fiction book is a gift for the engineers who want to be employable after they complete their four-year engineering course with millions of other people in the same year in the country.

The book begins with an introduction on why internships are so important and how they give you an edge, make you more employable and make you much more wiser than your peers.

It ignites some serious wanderlust in you and makes you regret for not having picked such an eye-opener book.

You feel thankful for you just opened the Pandora box full of opportunities that will make your career shine.

And then, the book goes into the actual subject which is about educating the engineering students on how to intern abroad. It details how to look for foreign internships, how to get prepared for them and works as a very good guide as well as self-help book for students.

I mean, even when it has been two years since I did my engineering, I could locate the opportunities I still have to make the dream of doing a foreign internship come true. I could observe how lucky I would have been if I had come across such a book a few years back.

Anyway, it’s still good for I can tell all the future engineers on how they can benefit from a book look this and if this book is a good pick.

Intern Abroad This Summer by Aniket Singh is definitely a must-read for engineering students. Written in to-the-point and precise manner, the author explains what, why, when and how of landing paid foreign internships during your summer breaks. Even though the author throws in funny stories from time to time to help you stay entertained, you can totally skip these (I wouldn’t advise you to, but still) and read all the precious knowledge and experience he has shared in this book.

Think of that senior who went to intern abroad and how inapproachable he seems! Or think of how you hate the fact that your college is full of average people and you want to succeed in this race to land your dream job! You don’t to follow that senior like a puppy or be frustrated. You can just pick up Intern abroad this summer, read it and make use of the practical knowledge shared in it to make your CV shine.

The experience you gain through travelling and working in a foreign land is unmatchable and it’s much needed for your personal and professional development. Aniket Singh, with his book, helps you do that.

His easy and concise writing helps you not waste any time and get the most out of this book. I am really impressed with how he addresses all the questions one can come up with – from the basic what, why and how to tips on how to look for opportunities, how to contact people, how to prepare your cover letter and resume, how to prepare to travel, how to travel and what to do to gain the most out of your internship – he has covered it ALL.

I believe there’s no way an engineering student should miss a book like this. I gave it 4/5 stars.

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