By the number of articles I post about dogs, I think a lot of people already know I am a dog lover. I have a star-dog named Frodo Baggins who also goes by the name of Boo, Fro, Frodso, Mouse & Bailey (the last one was used for a short time for I loved the movie A Dog’s Purpose so much).

But having a dog isn’t all amazing. Sometimes, you feel guilty. You’re always very busy and then you keep feeding the same thing to your dog in name of keeping up his health. It pains me to see that my dog lives a boring life and I would do anything to make it interesting.

Would I like to get him a pet subscription box to introduce him to new toys and treats – Hell yes!

India is going through a boom of pet subscription businesses and I happened to be contacted by Puprise to try their pet subscription box filled with treats and toys.

When you sign up to their website, you get to put in the breed size of your dog (small, medium, large) to get started. Then, you order the box.

Their pricing plans are as follows (As of the date of this article publication)

  1. 1-month – Rs. 750
  2. 3-month – Rs. 1995 (Rs. 665/box)
  3. 6-month – Rs. 3750 (Rs. 625/box)
  4. 12-month – Rs. 7200 (Rs. 600/box)

Honestly, if you have ever shopped for treats for your dogs, you’ll know how reasonable these prices are for the items you get. But what are the items you get in this pet subscription box? Let me show you!

  1. Tug toy

Tug toy: Indian pet subscription box

I needed this since such a long time. Frodo loves to play a tug of war and you cannot imagine the kind of strength a German shepherd’s jaw has. But it’s always fun to play that with him and gets him wagging his tail so hard. A good toy to make Frodo happy. It looks cute as well.

2. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo for dogs: Indian pet subscription box

Dry shampoo becomes necessary if your dog isn’t that fond of water. German Shepherds certainly aren’t. It’s not a replacement for normal bathing but when your dog needs a quick cleaning, a dry shampoo acts as a savior.

3. Meaty bones

Indian pet subscription box

I always have a packet of these lying in my home at any point of time. When Frodo is acting too needy, I just give him the bone and he’s busy for 15 minutes. That’s a big achievement for me.

Indian pet subscription box

Although I don’t know much about the brands that were chosen for these products, Frodo loved the bones. I would appreciate if there was brand info given on some card so that I would know if I am feeding my dog high-quality products.

4. Munchies With Liver

Indian pet subscription box

These are the items Frodo didn’t like. I always wonder about the brands that make this kind of munchies. I have tried plenty of them in past & with a lot of different dogs I have had and none of them ever liked these things. They smell bad and unappetizing.

So, out of the five items, this one was a fail for me. But still, I wouldn’t go in a loss for the four items would cost much more than Rs. 750 if bought individually.

5. 100% edible Pinata

Indian pet subscription box

This is the cutest thing in the box and is 100% edible. There’s a treat inside. It’s the closest to the interactive toy I have ever gotten for Frodo. I never found any in my budget but always wanted him to have interactive toys. It’s necessary for a dog as intelligent as Frodo. He’s a German shepherd, after all. Did you know it’s the most intelligent dog breed?

My review for this pet subscription box – Puprise

I loved it. I am very much happy with the products I got and I would definitely buy again. I recommend them to any dog owner who wants some interesting stuff for his/her dog.

My ratings: 4.5/5

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