There are books that you just read and forget. Then, there are books that you read, remember and talk about.

Dharmyoddha Kalki by Kevin Missal has all it takes to be in the latter kind. The book is a fictional tale about the tenth avatar of Vishnu – Kalki. The mythology says he’ll be born in Kalyug but in the book, there’s this fictional land where Kalki is born as a mere villager but with some extraordinary powers. And then the tale of conspiracies, betrayal, revenge and duty begins.

Kalki by Kevin Missel

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The plot of Kalki by Kevin Missal

The plot of the book is elaborately set in this amazing world. There are two major plotlines that come together and make an amazing book.

The world-building is superb. The way the author combines logic and science with the mythology and supernatural is worth appreciating. The explanations and the reactions of characters to the out-of-ordinary things are so nicely balanced and put together – it’s just too good.

The whole world seems much closer to the real world than you may imagine. It’s refreshing and enchanting for you can connect to it in a better manner than you would to a usual mythological fiction.

Although there are some elements that are similar to stories that you may have heard, it doesn’t affect your enjoyment much. I am talking specifically about the action scenes where you could point some similarities but then you enjoy it sp much, you really don’t care.

I also loved how there were subtle references to the epic Ramayana and Mahabharata. There’s an element of mystery throughout the book. There’s politics and there’s cowardice. There’s simplicity and there’s bravery.


The characters are superhuman but normal at the same time. The balancing of the characters is effortless.

The diversity of the characters is another aspect of the book that blows your mind. There are several characters discussed in Indian mythology that feature in this book but their representation is brilliant.


The book has every element that takes to be a good book. A thick lengthy book with a plot big and interesting enough to entertain you for a long time. The characters are memorable enough to make a place in your heart. The writing style is smooth and talented enough to help you enjoy the book to its core – Kalki by Kevin Missal has it all.


As the first part of a series, Kalki by Kevin Missal is definitely something I want it to continue and show me more of Kalki and what happens next. Who is asura actually? Is it the person shown in that light in the end? Or is it just a distraction and something else is on the cards in the next book? What would the next book hold? All such questions are making me restless.

It’s definitely a recommended read for the fans of Amish Tripathi books and Bahubali books. It’s a brilliant mythological fiction with an interesting vibe of historical fiction that features struggle for power and all the interesting elements that surround such a story.

Ratings for The Kalki by Kevin Missal: 4/5 stars.

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