Indian book lovers have been eagerly waiting for an Indian book subscription box. And it wouldn’t wrong to say that we had to wait for a long time. When those beauty lovers were bragging about the items they got in their bags, the book lovers just sat and waited.

Finally, they’re here! The trend of Indian book subscription box has not only started but also is thriving. I recently got a chance to get my hands on one of the book subscription boxes run in India, and I have a lot to share about it.

The name of the box is StoryTrunk.

About this Indian book subscription box

indian book subscription box story trunk

StoryTrunk is typically a YA (Young Adult) themed book subscription box where they curate books from this genre along with bookish merchandise. And let’s accept it right now.

Even though we all could buy any book from Amazon or wherever, there were two things we all were missing in India

  1. That surprise of getting a great book in a mysterious box and then getting to read it is unmatchable. It also challenges you as a reader while not bringing down your expectations. Isn’t that amazing?
  2. We can always buy the books we want but finding good book merchandise is nearly impossible. Either it’s too costly, or it just doesn’t exist in the typical cities where we live.

A book subscription box is the only solution to such a problem.

How does it work?

storytrunk indian book subscription box

So, you just have to order the box from the StoryTrunk website, and it reaches your doorstep. They have different themed boxes that work on a bi-monthly model.

They’ve two plans as of now – young adult plan (Rs. 1399) and Supreme young adult plan (Rs. 2999). In the young adult program, you get one box and 2-3 bookish merchandise whereas in the Supreme young adult plan, you get 2-3 books and 3-5 bookish merchandise.

They also launch several themed boxes, for example, they have A Court of Wings and Ruin themed box and a lazy Sunday box.

I happened to get the lazy Sunday box in exchange for an honest review.

My Review for this Indian Book Subscription Box: StoryTrunk

Packaging: The box arrived in an excellent packaging. The material of the box is sturdy which keeps the components inside it very safe. Nobody likes to get books with broken spines and damaged merchandise. Right? Even inside, the products were neatly tucked in and were kept to ensure maximum safety. The box was full, and it was a pleasant scene to open the box and peek into the inside contents.


indian book box - story trunk

  1. Christmas Lights: First thing I took out of this box was a set of Christmas lights. These are colored Christmas lights that were enclosed in a proper box and from the look of it, they’re of good quality. They also look beautiful when you light them up. One thing you will notice about the theme of this entire box is how all of the merch helps in setting up a perfect reading atmosphere. How awesome is that!
  2. A pair of socks: Next, I found a pair of socks which had cute stripes and kitten on it. They were cute, and I appreciate the fabric of the socks. They’re perfect to help you cozy up on a chilly day.
  3. Coffee: Next I got coffee which at the time of unboxing this box, I obviously didn’t try. But I just got myself a cup of this coffee just now to tell you about the taste, and it’s certainly better than the usual coffee we have available in supermarkets. So, it was refreshing to have a coffee that tastes slightly different and better than usual.
  4. Bookmark: I wouldn’t have wanted an Indian book subscription box without a bookmark. A bookmark is the most important thing for a reader, and so it is to me. I loved this one.
  5. Scented candle: If there’s another thing that a bookish experience is incomplete without, it has to be a scented candle. Scented candles just help you set up the mood of reading, and they’re never enough. So, I am glad I got another one in this box.
  6. Books: And here comes the most important part of the book subscription box – books. My box had two books which were wrapped in a gift paper. I told you, even the products were neatly tucked inside for proper safety. The two books I got were The Gilded Cage by VIC James (a fantasy book set in London) and The Edge Of Everything by Jeff Gayles (a thriller cum romance book).

My overall opinion about the Indian book subscription box

I loved the products I got along with the packaging. I loved the books they selected (one of which is currently a Booktube favorite). I wouldn’t say they’re incredibly cheap, but considering the stuff they put into the box, their pricing is pretty reasonable. They ship all over India and even Internationally.

So, all in all, I would love to buy this box again. What do you think? Have you tried this box?


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