So, you’ve got that cute little pet at your home that is going to shower its love and respect for you for like forever. But you always feel guilty about not being able to take care of your dog properly? Sometimes, you feel doubtful whether you’re doing it right and sometimes, you see it right in the piercing eyes of your pet.

I love you for you first took time, courage and sensibility to realize that it’s happening. Now, let’s talk about the possible solutions!

Dogs are those best friends who are always ready to sacrifice their life for their owners. And they deserve equal respect and devotion for themselves as well.

If you have brought a dog at your home, it’s your primary responsibility to take a good care of your dog. Obviously, it’s not that easy but the following tips will help.

1. Food & Shelter 

dog bones

Make sure that you have a proper arrangement for your dog’s food and shelter. He needs a separate place to sleep like a dog house or bed unless you want him roaming around your bedroom and kick you out of your own bed. It’s necessary to feed your pet at least twice a day and don’t go with the leftovers as human food might be harmful to a dog’s health.

Use dog food to feed your pet. Dietary supplements for good hair and bone development are also necessary. There are a few homemade food products like yogurt that are beneficial for your dog’s health.

My favorite dog food? I always recommend pedigree professional, ever since I tried that for my german shepherd.

While feeding your dog, make sure you’re using the right quantity. You don’t want your dog to get fat and neither do you want it to be weak.

My dog’s diet

Now, if you visit my vlogging channel where I document my life as a work from home professional with my super handsome german shepherd, you will definitely ask me about his diet. Everybody does.

So, Frodo eats

  1. Pedigree Professional Active Adult (quantity as recommended on the packet itself)
  2. Dentastix for his dental hygiene (twice a week)
  3. Calcium supplements (2 tablets every day)
  4. Treats (during training)

Your dog’s diet doesn’t have to be similar to mine but ensure to give him nutritional food and take care of the supplements he may need from time to time. No milk. No dairy. No dry fruits.

2. Vaccination 

dog vaccination

If you have got a puppy at your home, he needs to be vaccinated. Some people think vaccination isn’t necessary or just do that out of love because vaccination can cause a mild fever to the pet. This is very wrong.

Not vaccinating your pet makes it prone to a number of diseases which could otherwise be avoided. Consult the vet for proper guidance. Adult dogs need annual vaccination which is very much necessary. Also, make sure you get your dog de-wormed regularly.

I have been through the painful experience of seeing my pet get sick because I got two days late for vaccination. The loss was immense and taught me a big lesson. Please take my advice and don’t ignore it especially if you’re bringing a new puppy home.

Also, an unvaccinated pet is dangerous. If he bites, you’ll be in serious legal trouble  and can even lose the custody of your pet. Keep that in mind.

3. Training  

dog training

It’s the most important step for your dog’s care and also for your own convenience. Your dog would need some of your efforts for getting potty training. Make sure you don’t punish him severely for he might take some time to learn and adapt to the new habits. A slight slap or saying him ‘no’ with heavy and angry voice would be enough. The dogs notice your voice’s tone very carefully, so work with that.

Also, teach your dogs some tricks. This would make you spend more time with the dog. This way your dog would not only become more obedient but will also stay active and calm.

Never think that training is a one-time process. It’s an ongoing process that should happen for the entire life of your pet. Keep him engaged on a daily basis and you’ll see him happier with you and also create less havoc in your life. You can bring interactive toys, or play with kid yourself with the traditional fetch the ball game.

As a responsible parent, you should do it every day to keep your dog happy.

4. Grooming  grooming the dog

Proper grooming is very important. Your dog needs a bath at least once a month. Make sure you comb him regularly to get rid of the extra hair. This would also make his skin shiny. You also need to take care of his nails, teeth, eyes and ears. Also, keep a check for ticks or fleas regularly.

Make sure the dog doesn’t have any kind of rashes or hard skin around his paws. The coat should also stay shiny and soft. If it is not, you need to pay attention.

5. Exercise  how to take care of your dog

A regular exercise schedule is required for maintaining a good health of your dog. Make sure you take him to regular walks and involve him in some running and jumping games. The amount of exercise would depend upon the breed of your dog.

Bringing a dog to your home is like bringing a new baby at home. Do take care of your dog well.

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