How to Sleep Better? First, why is it even important when what we all love is bragging about how we can stay up for all night? Why is it even important when sleeping is just a waste of time?

6 Best Tips to Sleep Better

Sleep is our body’s way of rejuvenating itself. We cannot go for a Goa trip to feel fresh and lively every night. But still, we need to get up every morning to work or bear the atrocities of society. We need to feel refreshed even when we are too tired of our monotonous life. Also, we need to keep ourselves in good health because the hope of experiencing something big and different still wants to keep us alive. How do we do that?

The first thing we must be doing to improve our life is having a better sleep.  I could list many other things that would have convinced you to continue reading this article: how to sleep better. But I have deliberately decided to focus just on the matter I discussed above. I don’t want to tell you how it works like magic on enhancing your beauty and mental health. I don’t want to tell you how it boosts creativity and increase your overall productivity at work.

But I think you are pretty much convinced on why you must have a better sleep. In fact, many of you have already accepted this issue as a disease which needs a cure. It isn’t. Just a few tweaks in your lifestyle can help you sleep better. Read on to know more!

  1. Exercise: I know you’re lazy. Even I am. But a five minute walk in your living room can also help. The people who go to gym regularly find that they sleep better. Of course, that has a scientific explanation. Exercising aids in having a sound sleep and even when you are too busy to exercise, just a little amount of workout can do the trick for you. Try it!
  2. Drink Water: You must make it a habit to drink water just before you go to your bed. Yes, I know this creates a huge problem when it is winter season. You just have to wake up from your warm and cozy quilt to go and pee. But chances are you would already be asleep before you get that urge to pee.
  3. Keep your gadgets aside: I had this habit of checking my social media profiles just before I slept and I always ended up getting up tired in the morning. Do you feel tired when you wake up in the morning? It is not a normal thing. You must be worried. And at the same time, you must know that you shouldn’t use your gadgets just before sleeping. After you switch off the lights in the room, you must be lying with eyes closed. No gadgets.
  4. Read a book: No ebooks. There is a reason why I am a huge fan of paperbacks. I read before I sleep. In fact books help me sleep better. And they would definitely have the same affect on you. However, some people say it doesn’t work. It doesn’t work when you read ebooks instead of paperbacks. Screens of your electric tablets put strain on your eyes which further prevents you from sleeping better. Also, if you say you don’t read books for you find them boring, it is even better. Sleep well.
  5. Go light on food: Some of the traditions that run in Indian family are actually based on scientific research. Of course, things are changing now but we must learn from our ancestors. They used to have their dinner by 7 pm and had very light portions of food then. The reason is a light dinner is good for your overall health and it helps you have a sound sleep.
  6. Meditate: did you read my article how to meditate the right way? There I have mentioned how meditation doesn’t really require you to sit in certain postures. You can do it even while lying down on your bed. And you must do it if you want to have a sound sleep.

The answer to this very simple question was even simpler. Wasn’t it? But we have this amazing quality of not giving any importance to simple things in our life. Why? If you can benefit from so simple things, why don’t you just practice them?

I told you how to sleep better. Now, tell me, would you follow these tips?


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    • Thank You Neha. I am glad that you liked the post.
      I find it difficult to believe the harmful radiation thing but yep, they do mess up with our sleep cycles. So, keeping them away is a necessity.

  1. Good advice , but practicaly letting the gadgets aside before sleep become difficult as many attractive data plans are luring to youngsters like free 4G data ,Reliance Gio etc. . It is difficult even after we know it is harmful. Give some advice over it. How to get rid of this habit , any pop up blinks and we woke up and curiously open our gadgets to see who has commented or replied.
    Waiting for answer cum suggestion


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