Are you looking for ways to shoot better videos? But here’s the problem – almost everyone suggests a better quality camera. I agree it’s a must. But what if it’s not in your budget or you’re not ready to buy it yet? In that case, I have a few tips and tricks for you to still improve your video quality and take it to the next level.

Who am I? I run a Booktube channel (My Main channel: I talk about books on YouTube) and also a vlogging channel. I am not best at what I do but I am certainly improving by using the tricks I am going to mention below. Use these and help yourself improve.

Top 4 tips to shoot better videos

shoot better videos

  1. Be a good presenter

A video is less about the camera quality and more about what you say in it. If you’re a good presenter, you can pretty much take the viewer’s concentration off the bad video quality and make him focus on what you’ve to say. But, how to be a good presenter? There are many ways and these are the top 5 I use for myself.

  1. Focus on your appearance/face: In a video, the most visible part of you is usually your face. Keep it that way because it helps people make an emotional connection with you. However, you need to make some effort here. You need to make your appearance brighter and better. By brighter, I mean make sure the light falls on your face properly and it’s properly lit. A little bit of makeup also helps to brighten the areas under your eyes and makes a huge difference.
  2. Voice modulation: It gets really boring when a person starts to recite an essay in a video. Just imagine the situation and you’ll get the idea. Voice modulation is the most important part of public speaking and will help you to maintain the audience interest in what you’re saying.
  3. Write a great script: When you’re making a YouTube video, you have a chance to prepare. Prepare very well. Make a script, if you cannot speak spontaneously. I recommend it to everybody who is starting out for a script gives a structure to your speech and makes it easier for people to follow what you’re saying. It will also help you get better at voice modulation.
  4. Avoid lags in your speech: Preparation is everything. When you prepare a script, don’t just memorize it. Practice it. Stand in front of the mirror and repeat the entire script over and over again until you find it perfect. It will help you be a better presenter, need less editing and shoot better videos.
  5. Speak with confidence: Confidence is an important factor to impress people. If you don’t show confidence in your speech and body language, people are not going to stick to your channel. So, let your body surround with the air of confidence every time you make a video.

2. Lighting Tricks You Need To Know

shoot better videos

I often point out how lighting plays a big role in your video quality. There’s a big science that goes into perfect lighting for videos and it will take a lot of practice and study. I suggest you follow some photography blogs and do some good reading about proper lighting. However, these are quick tips that have helped me over time.

  1. Always face the light source – the Sun or the artificial light.
  2. Invest in artificial lighting if you plan to film a lot and shoot better videos.
  3. Always make sure the lighting is balanced. Either use a ring light in the center or the sun that’s in center of your frame or use two lights coming from two sides of the frame from the front. There are hundreds of different ways to setup lighting but these are the two easiest ones.
  4. Never underestimate the need of good lighting. It’s very important.

3. Background

Just Me - Manpreet Kaur

A good background is a must. Most of the people like to keep it simple and shoot in front of the white wall. It’s an easy and great option but if you’re making videos that are a bit more creative (read anything apart from educational or informationl videos), try to have a different background. For example, I have some cool posters in my background. To be honest, the decision of what background to have depends on what channel niche you’re working on and what kind of personality you want for your channel.

It depends on you what you want in your background but remember these few points

  1. Don’t have much clutter in the background.
  2. Avoid big lights in the background. Christmas/fairy lights look great but having a bulb or tubelight will mess up your lighting.
  3. Keep the background light. It will lead to brighter videos. While experimenting with darker backgrounds, make sure to invest in good lighting.
  4. Ensure that your clothes complement the background. Wearing a white shirt while making a video in front a white background is a blunder.

4. Editing tips

shoot better videos

To be honest, I am not good at editing. I can tell what’s wrong but I can’t fix it. That’s why I hire somebody else to do my editing. I would suggest you do the same if you cannot learn it well. Else, focus on learning editing.

You will need simple editing tricks in the beginning which will be pretty basic stuff like cut, move, noise removal and color correction. But don’t limit yourselves to that. If you learn how to be a great video editor, you will find some very new and amazing video ideas.

People will also love the overall professional look and editing of the video.

There you go! These are my tips on how to shoot better videos. I have also written down some tips on starting a YouTube channel. Do check those out for more informational reading regarding the subject.

Did you find this video helpful? Is there a question in your mind that wasn’t answered in this video? Please ask in the comments down below.

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