Do you feel restless and tired all day long? Do you feel like sleeping as soon as you enter your room? If you have been experiencing continuous sadness in your behaviour, the problem might not be the situations you’re in. The problem could be your room decor.

how changing your room decor can make you calm?
stay calm!

We face a number of problems each day and we do handle them. That’s life! But we should never do that alone. Don’t you feel good when someone close to you is with you during trouble? We just need someone to help us. Likewise, we need our room to chuck out the negativity in our head and fill ourselves with positive thoughts that would refresh our mind and soul.

Everything I talked of in the above two paragraphs is what I have experienced myself. Having been through a really sad state, I know what I did to change myself and make myself happier. First thing that helped me to boost my mood was my room.

Changing the colors of the room, putting on some new sheets and filling up my room with new art projects is what that made me feel cheerful. Earlier when I used to enter my room, I used to be bombarded with a number of worries and to-do tasks but now when I enter, I feel calm and happy. Even those to-dos feel like good to-dos. Hahah

So, how did I do that? How did I make myself calm by changing my room decor. I am going to enlist the things that helped me and that can help you. Even if you don’t need help, you must read for implementing the ideas in your life can definitely lift up your morale. That’s what I strongly believe in.

  1. Choose light colors for your room: From what I have seen, Indian homes are usually filled with dark colors. My mom’s logic – “Dark colors don’t get that dirty”. But the browns and reds make you feel dark. Colors like white, aqua, pink etc make you light and cool. Another good part, if you have light colored curtains, the light would get reflected instead of getting absorbed. Thus, your room would also be cooler with light colors in it.
  2. Say no to clutter: There are always those tiny things that fit into nothing. Such things often make your room look shabby. Make sure your room is clean and tidy all the time. This would help you get rid of additional stress that is bound to come with a messy room (even when you like it messy!).

    room decor
    Keep your work desk clutter free!
  3. Stick some pictures: Plain walls look boring and also make your life boring. Take up some pictures with your friends or family and pin them to your wall. You can use a frame or just a stick them using a tape. The pictures would signify the good moments in your life and whenever you would look at them, you would feel an air of freshness. Those good memories would have a magical affect and because they’re on your room’s wall, you’re bound to look at them from time to time and feel happier.
  4. Do some DIY art projects: Plain walls again! You just cannot let your room be plain and boring. Make it interesting. This Sunday, take on off from the T.V. series you’re watching or from the book you’re reading and find some cool DIY projects from Pinterest. Do them. This would serve dual purposes. One you would experience the good feeling you get when you CREATE something and two, you would have an amazing wall decoration piece. It doesn’t have to be a wall decor thing. You can go for a DIY vase, DIY pillow cases or anything like that. In fact, I am also doing them for my new room. So, let’s work together.
  5. Light Some candles: Candles do have some kind of magical affect. Whenever I light a candle in my room, it feels way more comfortable in it. I have got some really cool scented candles and love using them up. Shop for candles! They’re cheap and are useful.

Let me leave you with give ways only. Implement these in your room decor and let me know if they work for you. If they will, I will come up with a few more tips on how to make yourself calm by changing your room decor. Thanks for reading.

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