Who doesn’t crave for shiny and healthy hair? Boys, where are you going? Deep down your heart you know you want to read this. Hair care is about both – boys and girls. And it is important. With scorching heat setting in, our hair is getting rougher and rougher. We can see damaged unmanageable hair which is making us feel inferior. STOP!

How to get Healthy and Shiny Hair Naturally

You can get shiny and healthy hair – naturally, without spending a fortune on it and without making too many efforts. I have 7 tips for you which I follow when I need to get good tresses. A week or two spent while following these tips is enough to bring the shine back to my hair. And I bet if you follow these regularly, you would get healthiest and shiniest hair ever.  I have vowed to follow my own tips like a sincere person and I think you would want to do the same once you see the results and simplicity you need to practice to get shiny and healthy hair.

1. Oil yourhair regularly 

Has it ever happened to you that your hair stylist gives you an hour long scoldings when you go for a hair cut? Damaged & rough hair with split ends- they hate it and you must hate them too. But how to get rid of them? Oil is the magic potion that can rescue you. I would recommend almond oil or coconut oil head massage every week.

2. Keep changing your shampoo 

This is a trick I picked up just a few weeks back and after doing research and trying it on myself, I can say it works. Using the same shampoo for like forever is really a bad idea for your mane. The shampoo loses its effectiveness. It is good if you keep changing them. [Read my Review About TRESemme Split Remedy Shampoo And Conditioner]

3. Condition your hair

I have seen women who still consider it a sin to use a thing like conditioner. The examples of their old age aunties who had beautiful long hair always seem to win. But that was a different time. World was not that polluted and food was more nutritious (natural). You need extra protection. You need a conditioner every time you shampoo.

4. Use a hair serum

While conditioner helps in conditioning your hair (so obvious), a hair serum has its own advantage. A hair serum protects your hair from the dust and pollution by acting as a protective layer covering your tresses. Girls, serums are not for special occasions. They must be used more regularly.

5. Wash with cool water

Oh! I think I am too late to point it out. You probably poured burning water on your scalp in winters. But you know what, you can still be doing the same mistake. Make sure you never pour even warm water on your scalp. Even cold water is a bad choice. Mildly cool is the right kind of water temperature you should use while washing your hair.

Also read Simple and Easy Home Remedies for Dry Scalp for some more home remedies tips.

6. Minimize use of hair products like blow dryer, straightener etc.

Maximum damage to your hair happen because of that awesome hair curler and straightener you have. I bet you always use a blow dryer to dry your hair while completely ignoring the fact that it is always better to let your hair dry naturally. If you really need shiny and healthy hair, just stop using such things or minimize their use (MINIMIZE).

7. Give nutrition to your body

This is a point often ignored. To make your hair healthy, you need to make them healthy from inside. Good nutrition and lots of water is the key. Make a food journal and see what you eat for a week and then analyze if those things are healthy and nutritious. If not, time to make a change.

Another superfood for hair are Almonds. They are rich in omega fatty acids 3 and 6 which develops healthy and required blood flow that promotes hair growth. It makes the hair strong, super shiny and soft to touch.

These are the ways that really work, even for a careless girl like me who only worries about her hair when a special occasion is coming up or for a guy who is too cool to accept that he’s reading this 😛 But as I said already, I have decided to make a change in my life and that’s why I started recalling of these tips. I am going to follow all of them now (by heart). What about you? Are you going to follow these tips? Do you want shiny and healthy hair or not?

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