How do you motivate yourself? How do you get motivated?

When you’re already laden with hundreds of posts on how to motivate yourself, how do you find something that actually works?

  1. Try it

How to motivate yourself?

Don’t just read advice on how to get motivated. Try those techniques.

Try doing the things listed in those articles.

Try reading books.

2. Read Books

Here’s the thing about the stuff you find online – most of those are written by content writers. These are highly underpaid individuals who write whatever they’re asked to write.

There’s no way all of them have experience in all the subjects they write. There’s no way they can truly help you.

So, either pick up a good book written by a good motivation guru or be careful of the website you’re reading from.

Look for real advice, not articles.

3. Practice Until You Succeed

I recently read 100 ways to motivate yourself and one of the basic themes of the book is to practice. You’ve to do it. You’ve to try. You’ve to try again.

And of course, you can benefit from the 100+ other ways the author Steve Chandler lists in his book.

4. Don’t Look Up To Others

As Steve Chandler emphasises in his book, you must motivate yourself.

There’s no help for you in this field. You may, as well, read over 100 best books on motivation out there and still feel utterly demotivated.

It’s because nobody else can motivate you, except you.

You’ve to do it.

You can do it.

Try it!

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