Getting a degree from a top-ranking business school can add significant value to your career growth. The Management degree, if earned globally from a school abroad put you ahead with prospective employers and improves your chances of landing a high-paying job. Mostly top B-schools in the world accept GMAT(Graduate Management Admission Test) score for admissions to their management programs. So it is very necessary to write GMAT and score well in it. However, a good GMAT score will not be sufficient to get into a top-ranked B-school. There are some other prerequisites for admission in different management programs.

Admission Prerequisites for Management Programs Globally

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Globally, business school applications require a complete undergraduate degree, GMAT score, TOEFL score and Letter of recommendation. The eligibility criteria may vary for different universities at the time of admission. Here are some requirements and prerequisites on the business school admissions process used by most top-ranking business schools-

  • Strong Academics: Many business schools have no minimum requirement, but a better CGPA is a must for serious consideration.
  • Good GMAT scores: Although for GMAT scores there is also no formal minimum requirement, but most B-schools like to see scores of 600 or higher (out of 800). Top league business schools may require scores of 700-750 or more.
  • Work experience: Some business schools may not need this, but all the right B-schools recommend work experience. Most B-schools recommend at least two or three years of work experience after college, before admitting students into an MBA program. Although some B-schools may overlook your lack of work experience if your academics are strong enough.

These all are the basic requirements if you want to get into a top class B-school anywhere in the world. Since you can take the GMAT more than once so, your most recent and your previous GMAT scores will be sent to the schools you have applied to. So you can plan to take the test close to the date when you submitted your applications.


More than 2,100 universities and B-schools across the globe offering 5,900 Management programs use the score as part of their selection criteria. Business schools use the test as a criterion for admission into a wide range of graduate management programs. These programs include MBA, Master of Finance and Master of Accountancy and more courses like these. The GMAT exam is conducted in standardized test centers in about 112 countries around the world. Apart from this, GMAT is also the premier option for top MBA programs in top B-schools of India such as ISB, IIMs, MDI, XLRI and much more that require students to have work experience for some management programs.

What is GMAT?

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The GMAT is the standardized entrance test required by many business schools globally. According to the GMAC (the conducting body of GMAT) – GMAT is specifically designed to test the verbal, writing, and quantitative skills of applicants for graduate study in business. GMAT score is valid for five years. There is no specific eligibility requirement to take GMAT. However, a graduation degree from a recognized university is compulsory to sit for GMAT as it is for post graduate management programs. However, the eligibility criterion may vary from institute to institute after the candidate clears GMAT.

GMATExam consists of four separate sections with different time durations. The first two sections contain a 30-minute writing task each. The other two sections contain multiple-choice questions and are of 75 minutes each. GMAT is conducted all year-round in hundreds of locations, and it only takes about two weeks for scores to be mailed. GMAT score ranges between 200 and 800. A candidate can take this exam more than once in a year (maximum five times) if he does not attain his targeted score. The registration fee for GMAT exam is USD 250 (currently 16500 INR). You can schedule your GMAT test according to your convenient time and location, and also you can reschedule it if it doesn’t suit you. However, rescheduling may cost you extra USD 50 approx. 3300 rupees, so schedule your test after making up your mind. The GMATexam is offered all year-round at the 26 cities in India through 29 test centers.

Interviews, the important aspect of Business Schools’ selection process!

After appearing in GMAT and scoring a good GMAT score is the first step towards your dream b school. Interviews during the selection process also play a crucial role in the admission. A good or bad interview can do much to sway an admission committee of any good B-school. A candidate who’s mediocre on paper, but confident, and sincere in person stands a better chance of getting into a B-school than a candidate who is excellent on paper, but awkward in the interview. Business schools schedule the interviews only after reviewing applications and shortlisting the applicant those whom they are seriously considering. So your strong application is a gateway to most of the b schools.

So, you can see that gateway to the most top level b schools of the globe is GMAT. If you are planning to get a business administration degree from a globally reputed institute, you should start preparing for GMAT.

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