I write more than five articles a day. But how do I do it? All the articles are of a different niche and require me to step into completely different shoes and then write. Sometimes it gets tough, but I find a way to get out. I make myself get inspired to write more. How do I do it?

If you are a person who has been looking for ways to get inspired to write more, maybe on your blog, your book or your journal, this can help you. Here’s how you can get over that writer’s block and churn out beautiful words to delight your readers.

1.Get out:

If you’ve been sitting in your house all day long cursing yourself for not being able to write enough, you need to dress up and get out. I don’t care if it’s too cold or hot outside. I don’t care if you don’t look good or feel good. The whole point of getting out is to overcome this “I am so inferior” feeling.

When you get out, the magic that fresh air would do to you is inexplicable. Then look around you. Take some time to notice your neighbourhood, people around you, random things around you. This little activity is, in fact, a meaningful one that would open the doors of creativity in your mind.

light-sky-beach-sand moving out

2. Talk to REAL people

The Internet is cool, but it has come with its side effects. Talking to people is very useful in helping you get inspired to read more. But when I say that, a lot of you would ping your Facebook friends and wait for that bazinga moment. It won’t happen.

You need to have a face to face conversation. You need to talk to someone in REAL. Do that. And if possible, talk to someone you’ve never talked to before. Meeting new people always brings new ideas and somehow ignite the will of pouring out your ideas in the form of words.


3. Read

All the great writers are avid readers. All the great bloggers and entrepreneurs are avid readers. And I am sure not all of them loved reading in the first go. But they managed to understand the importance of reading to be able to write and work on their ideas. Reading also helps in getting new ideas.

And note that I am not asking you to read just fiction. Read non-fiction, autobiographies, useful articles on the internet. Just get yourself busy in gathering more knowledge and soon you will feel the urge to write.

books i read in 20154. Take up 30-day challenges

I have ignored this blog for a long time. In last two months, I barely wrote anything. With all that writing I did for some blogs and clients, I found no time for this baby of mine. I knew that needed to be changed. And the best way to do that is to take up 30-day challenges. Watch this video see how such challenges can affect your daily life.

Due to this, I have taken up the #DailyChatter challenge. There’s a group of people who are taking this challenge and tweeting their daily progress with this hashtag. Whenever I check those, I feel an urge to write. And even when I am not doing anything, I keep feeling guilty and pressurized to write on my blog. That good kind of pressure is why I am writing today’s post.

working from home

5. Exercise

I started working out a couple of months back, and the changes I saw in myself were incredible. Apart from my much-needed goal of losing weight, I found that exercising regularly made me more active and interested in my work. I felt more creative and productive.

I don’t want to explain the scientific reasons for why that happens (read some scientist’s blog for that), but I can tell that exercising helps to get inspired to write more.

dog gymming

6. Learn more

How can you impart knowledge when you don’t have any? Don’t get offended but if you’re not experiencing and learning new things, how can you even expect to come up with new ideas or overpower your stubborn, lazy self? I am sluggish and that’s why I keep procrastinating to write. Or I kill time on youtube.

But when I decided to take up some courses relevant to my career, I magically had more time to write on my blogs.

working from home

These are some essential things, as usual, that helped me to get inspired to read more. Not all of us are overflowing with creative juices and energy to write blogs, articles and books. Sometimes, we just need to push ourselves a bit. I told you how you could do that. Rest is up to you.

Do tell me what you do to get inspired to write more and if you found some new tips. Waiting for your response.

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    • Thanks dear. At the time of this comment, I think I did fail miserably in the #dailychatter challenge again πŸ˜›
      God! It’s tough to write everyday on this blog. I get so picky and then I am usually tired by writing so many blog posts with other blogs I work for.

  1. Well this was a very motivational post for people like me who want to write but have problem doing that these days πŸ˜‰ Writing five posts in different genres a day. that is really nice thing. n not easy too.


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