Do you need to know how to cook better pasta? If yes, you’re at the right place.

Just like my baking a cake obsession, I got obsessed with pasta in the year 2017. I ate pasta all the time – ordering it from Sbarro, saving space for pasta during the food blogger meets, going to only those restaurants that served pasta and ordering pasta every other day from FoodScouts  – I have done it all. But at the same time, I also learned to cook pasta. Anybody can cook but I focused on how to cook better pasta. I certainly learned a few things and today I am going to share that.


How To Cook Better Pasta?

  1. Don’t boil it until it’s soft. It must be a little soft and little hard. Basically, don’t overboil your pasta as it will ruin the whole dish.
  2. Make sure you add pasta in the boiling water. It’s very important and you have to ensure that you don’t rush the process or you will have gummy and ugly pasta.
  3. Add a lot of salt to the boiling water. A lot of people argue that it’s for the taste but many will tell you that it’s not. Try and test and you’ll know how more salt actually makes better pasta. But don’t get worried that you will have to eat that much salt. Most of it stays in the water only. So, don’t worry.
  4. Another controversey about how to cook better pasta is about the oil. Should you add it or not? Personally, I have tried both and my pasta turns out the best if I add negligible amount of oil. So, I would say don’t add it.
  5. While boiling the pasta, you should also keep stirring it regularly for a better outcome.
  6. I always stick to Penne pasta but then I don’t experiment much even with the sauces. Penne is good pasta choice for chunkier sauces but if you’re going with some other sauce, always check if the pasta choice is correct or not.
  7. Don’t overcook the vegetables. Please!pasta

There you go ladies and gentlemen! Those are some of the tips on how to cook better pasta. Keep in mind that you should also give yourself a chance to eat pasta from good Italian restaurants to try and understand what a real pasta tastes like.

Fun Fact: I have personally met food bloggers oohhing and aahing at pastas that taste more like some Punjabi copy of pasta aka that taste terrible. It happens that a lot of people do not really know how a pasta should taste like and end up accepting the sub-standard pasta tastes as the best ones. They’re not. So, always look for tasting great pastas to truly understand how to cook better pasta.

Do you think I missed any tip on how to cook better pasta? If yes, comment below!

Some pasta photos from my Instagram feed!

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