Since the time I read Fade into Red, I have been dreaming about wine. This alcoholic drink made from fermented grapes is a pleasure (unless you see the cost per bottle in Punjab). But in India, alcohol is a taboo. I can imagine my mom asking the first thing from my prospective match, “Do you drink alcohol?” and boom! If the answer is yes, the match would be in the gutter. LOL


But today, we are going to change the mindset of many. We’re going to read and learn some convincing points on why everyone should drink wine. So, next time when your mom catches you drinking wine, you can feel lucky for having visited Finix Post 😉

Let’s start from health related affects of wine for they would probably be the most weighted points to say when you are caught by your mother drinking wine. 😉

1. Reduce risk of heart attack: If you’re suffering from high blood pressure or are simply fat, you’re running a risk of heart attack. But if you make sure that you gulp wine in moderate amounts, there are 30% less chances of having a heart attack as compared to the non drinking counterparts.

“Mom, I am just saving myself from getting a heart attack because I want to live for a lot more years serving you.”

2. Boost Brain Health: Drinking wine moderately causes improvement in brain function as compared to those who don’t drink wine at all. And which mother won’t like her child to be intelligent? Right? 😉

“Mom, don’t you want me to be an intelligent person?”

3. Wine Can Improve Your Digestion: Do you remember how your mom panics when you tell her that you’ve got stomach ache? She would never want to see you suffering from digestive issues. It is your duty to tell her how wine helps in maintaining a healthy gut balance. It can also help in digestion and prevent you from a number of diseases related to your digestive and immune system.

“Mom, it makes me healthy.”

4. It helps your stay young: We have seen all mothers say this to the neighborhood aunties for they simply don’t want their son to be called an old man (especially when he is in his twenties). There is an anti aging compound in wine. People who drink wine regularly have chances of living longer than people who prefer other kind of alcoholic drinks.

“No, my son doesn’t have grey hair, not at all.”

5. 1 glass of wine equals one hour of gym: Which mother doesn’t want her son to stay fit? There is a compound in wine that helps you get some benefits of gym workout. The compound boosts your heart rate and pump up the muscle performance.

“Mom, don’t you want me to get thin?”

5. It is technically a fruit: Wine is made from fermented grapes and grapes are fruits and fruits are good for health and must be consumed regularly. Point made.

“Mom, wine is just overrated. It isn’t actually alcohol”

6. It helps you sleep: Too much tension and pending bills take a toll on your sleep cycles. You’re barely able to sleep. So, when your mom asks you to sleep, tell her that you need medicine. And that medicine would be wine. 😉

Mom, if you want me to sleep, bring me some wine.”

Now you have 6 ways to convince your mom to let your drink wine. Yeah! You can simply not get into the conversation and drink it when your mom is not at home or while you’re living by your own in your own apartment. 😉

Oh! I forgot the most important point. Wine is sexy and fun. It feels great to drink something good that makes you feel good. I hope you understood my point. Did you?

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  1. Well when I first say the title I thought totally differnet regarding the information you would share here. But I was wrong literally.

    You’ve shared amazing facts about wine which I never knew.



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