Girls love makeup and the world has to accept it as a universal truth. Of course, people like my ex-roommate say that they just find it a fuss to apply makeup but I could always notice her stealing some looks to see how I did my makeup. This is common with every woman who doesn’t know this art.

how to choose a perfect eyeliner

Are you also struggling with the art of makeup? Do you need to improve? Do you want to look even better? This article was written just for you. I have done a lot of brain storming to compile every single tip I can think of to help you understand how to choose a perfect eyeliner.

Eyeliner defines your eyes and gives them an extremely attractive look. But at the same time, eyeliner can make you look like a ghost. Choice is yours. Either you can laugh at the jokes that are thrown at you when step out with makeup or you can read this article that can help you avoid makeup blunders.

  1. Decide about the type of Eye Liner: There are basically three types of eye liners – pencil, liquid and gel. Each of these gives you a different look. The pencil type eye liner is for the beginners who don’t feel comfortable while applying the product. It has a good finish with soft lines. Liquid eye liners are good to reshape the eyes. They are usually glossy and I love the way you can experiment with the lines using such eyeliner. Gel eyeliners work best if you want a smudge free and long lasting look. I began with pencil eyeliner and tried a number of liquid eyeliners for more than two years. Now, my favorite is of course a gel liner. But whenever I am in hurry, liquid eyeliner comes for my rescue.
  2. Think of the application area: Your choice of eyeliner must be greatly affected by where you want to apply the eyeliner. If you have small eyes and usually apply liner only on the top, use liquid eyeliner for it is easy to apply and gives appropriate definition to your eyes. For winged eye or cat eye look, I prefer pen eyeliner. That helps to draw the right design and then you can cover it up with a gel liner. This gives you that fine and bold look without requiring you to apply, rub and re-apply to get the perfect shape. If you have medium shaped eyes, any kind of eyeliner would work for you. If you prefer lining your lower waterline with the eyeliner, go for gel ones.
  3. Choose the Color: If you’re a beginner, go with the safe options. Black and dark brown would be best for you. Once you have mastered the application of eyeliner, play with some more colors. I would suggest you to look for low cost eyeliners while trying out new colors. If a particular color doesn’t look good, you can simply stop using it without feeling guilty of wasting your money. If the color is good, get the one of your favorite brand.
  4. Smudge free & Long lasting: Of course, we want our liner to be smudge free and long lasting. For that, gel eyeliner is the best choice. The one I use have been tested under extreme rainfall and extreme sunlight. It doesn’t smudge at all. Liquid and pencil eyeliner usually fade away after a couple of hours and require re-touches. This never happens with gel ones.
  5. Glossy Vs Matte: I am a huge fan of matte products and that’s why I tend to favor gel eyeliners. But you might be in deep love with glossy products. If that’s so, go for a liquid liner. You can even try liners with shimmer. Though I never prefer such products because they don’t go with my choice. But they do look good if they suit your skin tone and eye shape.
  6. Skin Texture: Your skin tone has a great effect on your eyeliner. If you have oily skin tone, you would have an extremely tough time with the gel eyeliner. It is better if you stick to liquid ones.

In simple words, as a beginner, go for pencil eye liner. Then try liquid and gel eyeliner. If you know how to apply it, look for whether you want smudge free & long lasting look. Make sure you consider your skin tone while choosing the product. Then decide if you want a glossy or matte finish.

Remember, you can’t get it perfect in one go. Experiment and learn. But if you keep these tips in mind, the probability of failed makeup experiments would reduce and you would save yourself from wasting your money as well as from looking disastrous.

I hope these tips help you how to choose a right eyeliner. When I was writing this post, my roommate asked me to suggest eyeliner that would act as a ‘universal’ liner, which would go by all occasions, all skin types and so on. I bet such a product can never exist. The product’s performance changes with individual’s skin tone, application choice and use. Accept it!

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