Once you start reading books, you realize what a game changer it can be in your life. You can become a better and successful person. You learn so many new things. It’s pure bliss.

But once you have been reading for long, you start slacking. You find it… well, boring. I mean, you will hit yourself for even thinking like that but it happens.

Most of the times, it’s because you don’t challenge yourself as a reader. That’s why you feel bored and uninterested and I am going to tell you how to fix it. I have five points that can help!

how to challenge yourself as a reader?

  1. Read Big Books

If you have been following me since the beginning of this month, you know I am ready the biggest book I have ever read – IT which is 1376 pages long.

I was very excited when I picked it up. 15 days later, I am struggling. It’s like you put me on a treadmill and I could walk slowly for fifteen minutes, easily. Now, it’s time for some intense cardio and I am struggling.

It’s exactly with this book – IT. I read short books and it was all so easy (but boring, at times). Now, I am reading IT and it’s challenging. It’s refreshing. It’s helping me get that kick that makes me want to become a better reader. It makes me want to read more. It makes me want to read differently. You can use such a book to challenge yourself as a reader.

I mean all of that is too awesome and it just came through one choice – picking a big book.

Go ahead and give yourself one big book that scares you off and start reading it!

2. Read Authors From Different Countries

Honestly, my reading has been limited to authors from India, America, and Britain. There’s so much out there and I have been missing on that.

Reading authors from different countries give you different perspectives. You also get to see the true colors of different countries. You get so much of exposure! You can challenge yourself as a reader with this activity.

Seriously, if you are bored with every book you’re reading or plan to read, just go ahead and search for an author from a different country and see the magic!


3. Read Classics

They’re challenging. Some of them are true classics – they are still relevant. Some have been classics but they’re gradually losing their relevance.

Depending on the difficulty level you want, you can pick either of these two.

It will be challenging to read the writing as well as see the concepts that you’re alien to because of the time you live in.

The reason why we have to read classics in school is that they truly challenge us, shape our thoughts and minds and develop us. Isn’t that what we are aiming for right now?

how to challenge yourself as a reader?

4. Reading Challenges

I have already talked about reading challenges in a couple of my videos. They’re just challenges that make you a better reader and often, helps in getting you out of reading slumps as well.

Do check the description for my recommended videos about book challenges. Basically, you should pick any challenge and commit to finishing it.

I would recommend you to skip read x number of books in x days challenge and go for something more specific. Like Gilmore Girls challenge or read a book from a different state in a month or read a classic a month challenge.

5. Read books of different genres and subjects

The easiest but the most effective way to challenge yourself as a reader is to go beyond what you usually read.

Pick a genre you haven’t even heard of before. Choose subjects that make you uncomfortable. That’s when you will be flooded with revolting thoughts and truly challenging situations will happen.

Do it!

Those are my top 5 ideas on how you can challenge yourself as a reader. I hope these help you out. Do comment below if you think they will.

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